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Dragon Age: Inquisition Review | Continue Play

4d ago - Continue Play's Jodie Rodgers takes a look at Bioware's latest delve into the RPG genre in Dragon... | PC

Dragon Age Inquisition is the Most Addictive Game EVER made – VGS Review

39d ago - After spending the better part of two weeks trapped in the world of Thedas, I’ve determined one u... | PC

(GamesBeat) Dragon Age: Inquisition is too big, and that’s almost just right (Review)

39d ago - Dragon Age: Inquisition is a gigantic role-playing game with almost too much to do. But does it m... | PC

Laymen's Review: Mass Effect Trilogy

692d ago - Just another guy with a retrospective look at my experience with Mass Effect Trilogy and what it... | PC

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StickSkills: ‘Mass Effect 3: Omega’ DLC Review

743d ago - StickSkills says: "It has to be tough making new story content for a game with a narrative that’s... | PC

Review: Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC []

842d ago - Mass Effect 3 has seen its share of multiplayer DLC packs [not to mention the whole ‘let’s change... | Xbox 360
160° --- Mass Effect Video Reviews

989d ago - The Mass Effect franchise is the big masterpiece trilogy from Bioware and EA. The games have been... | PC

Mass Effect 3 Review: The Second Opinion -

998d ago - "When it comes to naming new video game franchises that simply exploded into a massive success in... | PC

The Weekly Geek: Mass Effect 3 Review

1004d ago - On the PS3; No Kinect, no imported characters and no fem-Shepards, The Weekly Geeks Christof dige... | PS3

VGI Review: Mass Effect 3: Multiplayer

1004d ago - Wesley Copeland of VGI writes "By now, most of you will have read reviews discussing how fantasti... | PC

GamerXchange: Second Look Review: Mass Effect 3

1008d ago - TheCrapgamer of writes: The Mass Effect series has been hands down one of the t... | PC

Mass Effect 3 Review | The Reticule

1010d ago - It’s been a tough few weeks in our attempt at a spoiler free build up to Mass Effect 3’s launch e... | PC

FPS Guru: Mass Effect 3 Review

1011d ago - Intense story, fast paced combat, and classic sci-fi elements have become synonymous with the Mas... | PC

GamesBeat Review: Mass Effect 3 is a flawed finale

1012d ago - Commander Shepard's final chapter will be remembered not for the epic war scenes, but for the que... | PC

Mass Effect 3 - LANraiders

1018d ago - Bioware has certainly set the bar when it comes to Role Play Games and there is no exception with... | PC

The Verge: Mass Effect 3 Review - The sharp edge of hope

1018d ago - Mass Effect 3 is the fulfilment of a promise. It seemed so simple six years ago when BioWare orig... | PC

GameSector - Mass Effect 2 Retrospective Review

1021d ago - GameSector writes: Sequels are feared nearly as much as fans anti­cip­ate them. Originally releas... | PC

The weekly Geek: Bonus Content: Kingdoms of Amalur Review

1031d ago - A webisode for The Weekly Geek of a full episode dedicated to Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Incl... | Xbox 360
110° Star Wars: The Old Republic Review

1057d ago - Forget a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO is out now, and... | PC
20° SWTOR: Final Thoughts

1057d ago - gives it's final thoughts on SWTOR. | PC

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Star Wars The Old Republic Review -

1058d ago - A 12 page Review from two editors who see the game from different points, offering the view of th... | PC

Star Wars: The Old Republic Review (GodisaGeek)

1059d ago - GodisaGeek: "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…or, in more normal terms, on October 21st... | PC

Star Wars: The Old Republic Default Prime Review

1064d ago - Tuesday, December 20th , is perhaps the most important date on a Star Wars fan’s calendar: the re... | PC

Star Wars: The Old Republic Review [CVG]

1066d ago - CVG: Last month we gave you our initial impressions of The Old Republic after 30 hours of play. N... | PC

Star Wars: The Old Republic Review | Gaming Blend

1067d ago - Long ago, someone at BioWare said that Star Wars: The Old Republic would be like several Knights... | PC
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