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Let’s Play Sonic Chronicles – Pt 9: Whisky & Shortbread

80d ago - Let's Play Sonic Chronicles continues as the gang finally stumble across a drunken Knuckles, who... | Nintendo DS

What is Mass Effect Andromeda - Info & Theories

110d ago - Gameranx has theories on the timeskip, why Andromeda, and why N7 is in there. This video also ser... | PC

US Movie Releases to Look Out For in November

Now - Remember, remember, the films of November! It’s the time of year when the nights draw in, the year winds down and studios line up their most presti... | Promoted post

E3 2015 HITLIST: Mass Effect 4

177d ago - PlayerEssence takes a look at what we would like to see from Mass Effect 4 at E3 2015. | PC

BioWare Edmonton GM Teases a N7-Branded Arm

190d ago - Today is BioWare's 20th anniversary, and in order to celebrate, BioWare Edmonton and Montreal Gen... | PC

Shadow Realms devs are "not allowed" to test it with controllers

438d ago - The Shadow Realms development team is putting mouse and keyboard first in design and testing for... | PC

Bioware's New IP Gets Fourth Teaser Trailer

473d ago - Bioware has released a new teaser trailer for its unannounced game that will be unveiled tomorrow... | PC

Show of the Week: What is Shadow Realms?

474d ago - Outside Xbox: "This week we're preparing for German videogames uberconvention Gamescom by getting... | PC

Bioware's New IP Gets Third Teaser Trailer, To Be Fully Unveiled On August 13th

479d ago - Bioware has released a third teaser trailer for its upcoming new IP franchise that will be unveil... | PC

BioWare Releases Second Teaser For New Game

485d ago - Recently over the past few days, BioWare has released a teaser for what is most likely their new... | Dev

The PGL Lobbycast: Episode 283 with Geoff and Brick!

490d ago - Geoff and Brick talk about Microsoft, Bioware, Destiny and will probably argue about The Lost Shi... | Xbox One

BioWare Talks About Romance and Sexuality At GaymerX2: Listen to the Full Panel

499d ago - Last Saturday BioWare hosted a panel at GaymerX2 titled “Building a Better Romance” focused mostl... | PC

The Endless Brocast Episode 21: Post E3

527d ago - The Endless backlog podcast crew talks about some of the third party greats that get overlooked i... | PC

E3 2014: Next Mass Effect Teased By EA And Bioware

537d ago - "Entering EA, one of the most speculated upon announcements was that of the next entry in the hig... | PC

N7 Day 2013 - BioWare thanks Mass Effect fans with a video

751d ago - BioWare shared today a video to thank Mass Effect fans for their support. | PC

Checkpoint Games Presents: Knights of The Old Republic #6

822d ago - This week we all talk about Korriban and next week will be talking all about the end of the game | Xbox

Checkpoint Games Presents: Knights of The Old Republic #5

842d ago - This week we talk all about Mannan and the Leviathan in a extra long double feature this week. Ne... | Xbox

Checkpoint Games Presents: Knights of the Old Republic #4

850d ago - This week we talk all about Kayyshic and it's really tall trees next week we will be talking all... | Xbox

Checkpoint Games Presents: Knights of The Old Republic #3

863d ago - In celebration of KOTOR's tenth birthday checkout Checkpoint Games' podcast series all about KOTO... | Xbox

Checkpoint Games Presents: Knights of The Old republic #2

871d ago - This week we talk all about Dantoonie next week we will be talking Tatoonie. | Xbox

EA Pops Mass Effect 3′s Bad Ending Cherry & How To Fix It: Part 2

997d ago - The RGN Team gets together as we conclude our discussion of EA Popping Mass Effect 3′s Bad Ending... | PC

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (XB1) Review

Now - Ken says goodbye to the franchise that started it all. | Promoted post

EA Pops Mass Effect 3′s Bad Ending Cherry & How To Fix It

1004d ago - RGN Writes, "The RGN Team gets together led by Tristan’s Twisted World as we discuss EA Popping M... | Culture

BlankShowCast Episode 80 - Interview with BioWare's Jessica Merizan

1034d ago - This week the crew was joined by Jessica Merizan, Community and New Media Manager for BioWare, fo... | PC

The Geek Link Episode 44: Not So Collector’s Edition

1076d ago - On this week’s show, Cannonfodder enlightens us to some mob mentality unjustly taken out on Biowa... | Culture

VGRT Gaming Podcast Episode 290: No One Listens Forever

1081d ago - No Paul this week, no Gaming Flashback this week – just Jonah, Dan and Jordan discussing a ton of... | PC

New Dragon Age III concept art released

1095d ago - "Next gen or not, this game is shaping up to look very nice." | PC
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