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  Strategic Combat with Sci-fi and Magic Mixed gives you Shadowrun Re...

From FogKnight   RPGs are one of the biggest genres in the history of gaming. As text-based video games have role-playing elements implemented in...

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Bioware Voice Acting Contest

129d ago - Bioware is having a contest! Fans of the ever popular Dragon Age franchise will have the opportun... | PS4

Dragon Age Inquisition Character Kit #3 – Vivienne

132d ago - Bioware releases its third Inquisition character kit for party member Vivienne. | PC

Greater Character Diversity in Gaming Should Be Achieved Through Passion, and Not Obligation

144d ago - A look at why the goal of diverse video game characters should be reached by those with passionat... | Culture

Fallen London and Bioware Partner Up

145d ago - NoobFeed Reports - Bioware, the people behind Mass Effect and Dragon Age, have partnered with Fal... | Dev

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Bioware offering voice role in Dragon Age: Inquisition to fans

146d ago - BioWare is giving its loyal fans an opportunity to be part of the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisitio... | PC

BioWare Working on Unannounced RPG with “Visceral, Fast, and Fun” Combat

162d ago - It seems that BioWare Austin is finally moving forward, even if the studio is still hard at work... | Industry

Defining Moments: A Dinner Date With Kaidan

163d ago - “I’m glad we’re taking the time to do this. I could use a sanity check.” Major Kaidan Alenko,... | PC

Should BioWare Keep Adding Romance to their Games?

165d ago - BioWare is one video game company that is familiar with stretching the limits of what is acceptab... | Culture

Mass Effect 3: Vindication, One Fan Fixing Mass Effect

172d ago - One member of the Gamemoir team talks about Mass Effect 3: Vindication, the work of one very dedi... | PC

There's no sex in (American video game) violence

172d ago - Corrupted Cartridge's Rory Appleton weighs in on a popular feature topic. | Culture

Best Developer of the Last Generation

172d ago - From Naughty Dog's The Last of Us to Bungie's Halo, game developers have spent countless hours de... | PC

Dragon Age: Inquisition Lead Writer Defends In-Game Romance, Equality

180d ago - J Station X writes "BioWare are hardly strangers to controversy (the Mass Effect 3 ending, any... | Xbox 360

Dawnbreaker’s Top Ten RPGs

181d ago - Fresh from giving us her Top Ten Favorite RPG Characters, here’s another incredibly biased Top Te... | PS2

BioWare Austin Working on "Several" Unannounced Games

188d ago - Looks like the cogs are in motion at Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s studio BioWare Austin, as show... | Industry

Dragon Age Inquisition – Stunning new artwork

192d ago - Check out some new artwork for Dragon Age: Inquisition. It seems that the game won't be lacking i... | PC

New content coming up for Star Wars: The Old Republic

192d ago - A lot of content is coming to The Old Republic, including a new flashpoint, a new ship class, a n... | PC

Marvel TV series Agents of Shield spotted using Mass Effect 3 concept art

192d ago - Sharp eyed Mass Effect 3 fans have identified concept art from the sci-fi RPG series being used i... | Culture

DICE Thanks Bioware For "Awesome Changes" To Frostbite Engine

195d ago - Apparently, the Dragon Age team at Bioware added many "awesome" things to Frostbite engine and ma... | PC

Interview: Bioware On Bringing Dragon Age To Xbox One

198d ago - OXM - A year in games development is an eternity - given efficient project management, you can kn... | Xbox One

Dragon Age: Inquisition dev explains game’s morality, classes, strategy & much more

199d ago - Bioware producer Cameron Lee in an interview with OXM has explained why it’s not all that similar... | PC

Mind Zero (Vita) Review

Now - Jae checks out this familiar Vita RPG. | Promoted post

You're A Force in Dragon Age Inquisition, says Bioware

200d ago - According to Bioware, the breadth of decision-making available in Dragon Age Inquisition is compa... | PC

Bioware Comments On Xbox One Exclusive Features For Dragon Age: Inquisition

200d ago - GearNuke: In a recent interview, Bioware comments on what exclusive features they plan to impleme... | PC

Knights of The Old Republic Universal Update iOS

206d ago - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is available for download on the iOS App Store for only $4... | iPhone

Bioware’s Getting Busy: New Mass Effect, Dragon Age, And New IP

214d ago - Angie Santiago reports from SpawnFirst: "Things are getting quite busy in the Bioware headquarter... | PC

In-depth: Everything we know so far about the next Mass Effect

217d ago - We dive deep into everything we know so far about the next installment in BioWare's critically ac... | PC