Dev of the Day : Daniel Benmergui
  Interview with Daniel Benmergui

Daniel Benmergui is working on the much-anticipated Storyteller, a storytelling puzzle videogame based on the language of comics, and Ernesto RPG,...

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Mass Effect 4: What We Know So Far

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Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

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Cheating in SWTOR and other MMO’s, Why do People do It?

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The Best BioWare Characters

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All Your Game Are Belong To Us

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Mass Effect: Where Can Bioware Go From Here?

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What We Learn From Three Free-to-Play MMOs

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Gamers and Ownership: Buy A Game, Rule The Studio

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Why you should be excited about Bioware’s new IP

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Mass Effect Original Soundtrack: Looking Back.

378d ago - writes: There’s something amazing and special about the Mass Effect soundtrack. My... | Industry

The RC Mako

394d ago - Hi, everyone! BioWare knows that we have some very creative and talented fans out there. Wheth... | Culture

Bring it Back – Jade Empire

398d ago - Frontburnr: Jade Empire was an Xbox (original) exclusive (for a limited time) released in April 2... | Culture

Mass Confusion: Mass Effect 3's Crippling Identity Crisis

404d ago - Mass Effect 3 is renowned as a fantastic action RPG. But by looking first at what defines RPG, Ma... | Xbox 360

Take It and Leave It: Dragon Age III

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No More Mass Effect, Please

433d ago - CheatCC Says: "Word on the Internet is that BioWare is investigating possible Mass Effect spin-of... | Xbox 360

Four Licensed Games I Wish Existed or Exist In The Future

434d ago - PlayStation Euphoria: In gaming, there are so many missed opportunities with already established... | PS3

Star Wars and EA is a Good Thing

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Adventure Games’ Selling Points in the New Age

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ORIGIN PC - High Performance Gaming PCS

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How Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer is Almost Ruined by DLC

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Editorial: Under new management

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Fear Not: EA Getting The Star Wars Licence Is A Good Thing

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Top Five Star Wars Game Series

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EA Star Wars Games: Dream Games, Dream Developers

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