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from Brjann Sigurgeirsson, Image & Form CEO First I'd like thank Cat and our other friends at N4G for having us, and even more so for bearing wi...

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The 11 ‘Hack -iest’ Games of Last Generation

51d ago - "His ability to hack anything and everything in Ubisoft's new open world game, Watch Dogs, makes... | PC

Creating Physical Miniatures From Virtual Worlds – Bringing Tiny BioShock To Life

54d ago - During his working hours, Andy Jarosz runs the company he owns – one that makes camera and lighti... | PC

8 Game Characters We Want as Commencement Speakers

57d ago - "Class is out of session, but it's a big, scary world out there. Why go in alone? We bring some o... | Culture

From First to Third: How Gaming Perspective Changes Everything

60d ago - Max Level: Last week, a friend of mine shared with me a piece of unique Bioshock concept art from... | Dev

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Games We Wish We Could Relive

63d ago - Karl Dodds, Brian O'Donnell, Karam Elahi, and Buddy Acker of SpawnFirst each name a game they wis... | Culture

'BioShock' is Still "Beloved," "in Hands of 2K"

68d ago - During a recent interview with GamesIndustry – among other things – Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick... | Industry

Looking Back At BioShock

72d ago - BioShock won many game of the year awards. Rightfully so. For its time, it was an incredible game... | PC

Retro Game Sales for May 10th, 2014

77d ago - Retro Gaming Magazine has begun collecting the retro related game sales for the weekend of May 10... | PC

BioShock Triple Pack on Sale for 75% Off this Weekend on Steam

78d ago - If, for some reason, you’ve never played a BioShock game and you’re a PC gamer then you’re in luc... | PC

Unhappy Endings: A Discourse on Unsatisfactory Videogame Finales

78d ago - Have game developers forgotten the importance of endings? | PC

Here Is What Bioshock Could Look Like In Unreal Engine 4

87d ago - YouTube's member 'noodlespagoodle' has shared a video, showing what the original Bioshock would l... | PC

How the Gaming Industry is Taking the Fashion Industry By Storm

89d ago - There are certain things in life that fit together like a glove: ice cream and cake or a hot dog... | Culture

Top five shocking story moments in gaming

89d ago - Developers have offered us some of the fondest memories of gaming through their enticing stories.... | PC

What Does the Future Hold for BioShock?

90d ago - With the recent evidence of a BioShock film (again) and Ken Levine's departure from the franchise... | Dev

Top 10 Worst Parts Of Awesome Games

90d ago - GameInformer: "Sitting down to play a top-tier game is the highlight of being a gamer. Every yea... | PC

Can a BioShock Movie Really Work?

94d ago - Now that the long-stagnant BioShock film adaptation is apparently seeing life again, Steven asks:... | Culture

Bioshock Movie unearthed again? Domain registrations made

96d ago - We all thought that was the end of it until now; new evidence suggests that Sony Pictures might b... | PC

5 Other Games Under 5€ You Have To Play

97d ago - This is yet another Friday and we have prepared you a list of 5 other games to help you relax dur... | PC

Bioshock - Fontaine Boss Fight & Ending

98d ago - Chadley of Punch Nerds gives Fontaine a run for his money while Tristan watches in utter awe of t... | Xbox 360

Rapture leaked: The true story behind the making of BioShock

98d ago - Eurogamer : "25th January 2007 was a cold day, even by the harsh standards of a Boston winter.... | PC

Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

It’s Time Video Game Music Got The Recognition It Deserves

101d ago - Gaming has produced some of the greatest classical and electronic compositions of the last 20 yea... | PS2

Game Items as Character Building and Resource Management

103d ago - This is a special guest post written by Jakub Kasztalski, developer of steam game "Post Mortem: O... | PC

Frugal Gaming Review | Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2

103d ago - As I crawled through a creaking vent, I looked out onto Rapture from an entirely new perspective.... | PC

ECCC Gaming Cosplay

106d ago - While Seattle's Emerald City Comicon may not be known for it's heavy gaming presence, that didn't... | Culture

Blowout Bundle Sales and Digital Deals at Amazon

107d ago - Amazon is having a sale on several 2K games that are already bundled and slashing the prices up t... | PC


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