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The Completionist Within Me – Bioshock

53d ago - IM PLAYIN talks about the lure of the achievement / trophy, and how completing them all on Biosho... | Xbox 360

My worst four A.I. companions ever

55d ago - Video games today has allowed us to play with friends and strangers alike. We can play sitting ne... | GameCube

5 Reasons to Look Forward to Revisiting Rapture in Bioshock for iOS

55d ago - Nadia Oxford hasn't played BioShock since conquering the original release way back when, so the t... | iPhone

Bioshock's Soundtrack is Going to Creep You Out on iOS

55d ago - BioShock is creepy for many reasons. Its soundtrack is a big one. Here's why. | iPhone

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BioShock iOS: Possibly terrible, possibly brilliant, positively important

55d ago - GameZone: "If BioShock iOS plays even remotely like our first trip to Rapture, it will be popular... | iPhone

BioShock for iOS is a Bad Idea... Or is it?

56d ago - Steven was pretty upset at first, hearing that one of his all-time favorite first-person shooters... | iPhone

Noobist Preview: Bioshock Port Announced for iOS

56d ago - 2k announced via Twitter that the critically acclaimed game Bioshock will be coming to iPad and i... | iPhone

iOS BioShock is a stunning achievement, but could have been much more

57d ago - GamesRadar - So BioShock is coming to iOS. Interesting. Sort of. Announcements like this usually... | iPhone

First Screenshots of BioShock's iOS Port Surface

57d ago - In addition to the news of the port, the first official batch of BioShock mobile screens have bee... | iPhone

Bioshock announced for iphone and ipad

57d ago - 2K is bringing the 2007 classic – in its entirety – to iOS devices. | iPhone

iOS BioShock Is Pretty Cool, But That’s About It

57d ago - From the article, "Unfortunately, [Lucas White is] just not seeing the appeal here, other than “o... | iPhone

BioShock will surface on iOS this summer, first direct capture video

58d ago - AppSpy's Peter Willington writes: "Any gamer worth their (sea)salt will likely already be very fa... | iPhone

Bioshock iOS could change the face of Mobile Gaming

58d ago - From GamesReviews: "The announcement that the original Bioshock would be coming to iOS was met... | PC

Hands-On with 'Bioshock' for iOS - The World of Rapture in the Palm of Your Hands | Touch Arcade

58d ago - Touch Arcade - Well, it turns out that the cryptic image that 2K Games tweeted a couple of weeks... | iPhone

BioShock iOS hands-on impressions: Rapture resurfaces on a new platform | Shack News

58d ago - Shack News - If you were to ask me to list the games that I think would make for great iOS ports,... | iPhone

Is Porting BioShock to iOS a Waste of Time?

58d ago - Given the nature of the mobile gaming ecosystem, however, is porting a game like BioShock to iOS... | iPhone

BioShock (iOS) Preview - GameRevolution

58d ago - GR: Perhaps the biggest surprise of playing BioShock on a mobile device was the discovery of how... | iPhone

Original BioShock is coming to iOS but will it survive the transition?

58d ago - 2K Games has announced that the original Bioshock is coming to iOS devices and will deliver “the... | iPhone

The Political Impressions Of 21st Century Gaming

60d ago - Gaming has always had something to say. It has however become an increasingly unmistakable advoca... | Industry

Five Facts - Branco's B's

64d ago - Jack and Geoff do another five facts variety pack and cover Bully, Battlefield 3, Borderlands, Bi... | PC

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes – 2.0 Edition (XB1) Review

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A Brief Look At Narrative In Gaming

67d ago - jumptogamer: Several weeks ago, my mother caught a glimpse of me playing Final Fantasy X; a no... | Industry

7 Videogame Scientists Who Should Have Known Better

67d ago - Through systematic study, experiment and observation, scientists seek a greater understanding of... | PC

10 Video Game Franchises That Never Got Better Than The First Instalment

67d ago - WC writes: It’s common to hear people complaining about how cinema is dominated by sequel after s... | PC

Is 2K teasing a BioShock announcement?

69d ago - 2K could be preparing to make an announcement linked to the original BioShock, judging by a tease... | PC

See how BioShock would look on PS One

70d ago - NeoGAF user recreates BioShock and other games as if they were released for Sony's first console. | PS2


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