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User Review : BioShock: Infinite

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BioShock: Infinite - Review

In all the time I have played video games I have never thought that there is such as a perfect game. BioShock Infinite has made me change my mind but that doesn't mean that it is perfect. Is BioShock Infinite perfect? Read the hole review to find out.

BioShock Infinite is beautiful not just graphics wise but story wise. In BioShock Infinite you are play as Booker. You are trying to get a girl called Elizabeth and you are taking here away to pay some debts but along the way plenty of things go wrong. The story is told in a way that keeps you interested into the story and makes you focused into the story. Other games that have a good story you have to focus into to it but with this it makes you listen to it. The only problem with the story is that sometimes when something goes wrong 5 minutes later they completely get over it. It is just like it didn't really matter and made the story feel a bit cheesy at times. If you are going have issues that people are just going to get over in 5 minutes you might as well not have those little problems. But that didn't really matter and there were still problems that did matter.

The gameplay is also very good and you very rarely get stuck. It is just such a breeze to play. It's fun addictive gameplay will make it a game that I will beat and beat again and again. I have come across very few bugs if not any. The game also has very good graphics. It looks better on PC so if you want that extra picture quality then it is worth buying on PC.

The voice acting is also really good and has a very good soundtrack. The characters are interesting and unique in there own ways. They are very likable. You get to see to see them get challenged in ways that they haven't been before and at times the story line gets really dark. The game is also very unexpected. The ending happens at the point when you least expect it and it is nothing like what you thought it was going to be like in a good way. If you are a story gamer the ending alone makes this a game that you must experience.

BioShock also plays a lot like the first BioShock so if you are a fan of the first BioShock then I can promise that you will not be disappointed with this game. The more you play this game the more you unlock and the funner it is. As you proceed you unlock more Vigors and collect more money to buy more weapons and ammo. It has very addictive fun RPG like gameplay. Exploring is also a big thing in this game. It does have free roaming but it doesn't let you explore around to find out what you need to do next and the game makes it feel like you are free roaming.

Overall BioShock Infinite is an amazing game for anyone and is something that you must experience.

Amazing but a little blurry up close on XBOX.
Great voice acting and great gun sounds.
Fun and addictive RPG like gameplay. What more could you ask for.
Fun Factor
Extremely fun without sacrificing story.
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