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User Review : BioShock: Infinite

  • Deep story and city.
  • Fun Gameplay
  • Amazing Sound
  • Bad Textures Up Close
  • A Few Glitches

An infinitely great game!

Now everybody had high hopes for Bioshock Infinite. It was the first time we stepped out of Rapture and after the disappointing Bioshock 2 we had to see what was going to happen. I must say Irrational didn't disappoint. Bioshock Infinite is a near perfect game with small things keeping it from being the very best.

This review does not include spoilers.

Bioshock Infinite's story took me around 11 hours to complete on normal. I did a bit of exploring but I wanted to keep to the main story because it intrigued me. So many questions ran through my head at all times and that made me want to keep on keeping on. Little things are revealed as you go but you wont quite piece everything together until the very end. When the game comes together it leaves you with something to think about even after the credits. You think about all the people you meet and what they are. It's truly beautiful and I think Infinite did a fantastic job of summing the game up. While it is complicated there is nothing like it when everything begins to make sense, or your discover something amazing. The only downside is, of you want the full experience and understanding of the game as a whole you will have to collect most of the voxophones. It's unfortunate but voxophones are also extremely interesting to listen to. The characters were also very unique. The relationship between Booker and Elizabeth was very real and unique. Also the the twins turned out to be very very deep characters. However I found myself wanted a bit more characterization put into Comstock. It was good and made me want to hate him but it didn't quite live up to the characterization put into Andrew Ryan. However Ryan was truly and amazing character and I don't know if it's fair to expect another character like him. I also wanted to know a bit more about songbird and it's being, that's just a personal thing though. The handymen were actually one thing I wasnt impressed with. I wanted to know more about them and their existence. Big Daddy's were very deep enemies and I just didn't feel this with the handymen. Plus they were far easier to kill. In the end Columbia is a beautifully real city with plenty of secrets to be found.

In terms of mechanics I actually quite liked the shooting. Only having two guns at a time made you need to adapt or step out of your comfort zone and vigors (plasmids) are a great edition to combat, even if they are a little over powerful. Upgrades were very expensive which made you have to chose specifically what you wanted. I haven't decided if this is good or bad. Just because you only get two guns, and you can't upgrade every gun because of expense it seems the functions don't work together. I also found riding around on the skylines a ton of fun. It kept things fresh for me. Elizabeth was definitely the best addition to the combat, she almost never got in the way (only 3 times) which is a miracle for a game these days. She was very helpful and tossed me what I needed when I needed it. Be it health salts or ammo. I actually found myself missing her when she was gone for a period of the game. All in all I quite liked the shooting and gameplay. It was fresh and fun.

The graphics and sound in this game were also something to marvel at. Every sound in the game is crisp and clear EVERYTHING making it beautiful to listen to. I have absolutely no complaints about any of the sounds in the game. Graphics were also gorgeous, Columbia looked beautiful from afar but some of the textures didn't look quite as nice up close. It didn't bother me to much however. The graphics are really good and the small things didn't make me love the game any less.

Now to the sad part. The glitches. While Iv read reviews saying the game was glitch free, I was not as fortunate to experience this. However only 3 glitches in an 11 hour game is not extremely bad. The first was when I was on the skyline, I accidentally ran into a cargo container and I was stuck. I could shoot but that's it. The game would not let me reverse, dismount, or anything so I had to reload my checkpoint. The next was a bit later on when I had beaten all the enemies in the area (I checked for a long time) but the fight music would not stop and I could not carry on with my goal. Again I had to reload my checkpoint. The last was when Elizabeth decided to stand in front of a door and not move. Once more I had to reload my check point.

Bioshock Infinite is a beautiful game. It has an extremely deep city, characters, and story followed by beautiful graphics amazing sound and fun innovative gameplay. I would recommend this game to anybody. You just need to play it.

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Heavenly King1695d ago

The game is fun but does nothing extraordinary in order to get more than an 8.

The most special thing about this game is the story and yet they dont do it right either. The multidimensions concept in this game is very simple and yet very undercoocked. They messed it up specially in the ending.

Just because "another you" in other parallel universe did somethings, it does NOT mean at all that if you die, the other you will cease to exist and all what he has done will be undone. It is just ridiculous and poorly done.

They try to complicate things just for the of doing so, and it does not adds to the experience because it is badly done.

Also for graphics on the PS3 it is a 7/10. If not Uncharted 3 is 15/10 dude.

The gameplay in Bioshock 1 was better than in this one.

The City of Coulmbia a bunch of clitches about racism, xenophobia, and brainwashing patriotism. The art is nice though.

The game is good and fun but in my eyes it does not deserves 9s or 10s, because it does not excels at anything.

MattyG1695d ago

SPOILERS (I generalized it in case anyone accidentally reads it)

The reason the others cease to exist is because they died at the convergence. All of them after the convergence cease to exist, all them before are fine. The story makes sense if you look at it long enough. Personally, I agree with the 9.5 this reviewer gave it.

Heavenly King1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

Elizabeth never says that it is a path of convergence, and even if it is, all the Bookers after the event should be dead, right? But after the credits, there is "a Booker" alive; explain that.

MattyG1695d ago

I believe its understood (or maybe someone states it) that the baptism is one of the universal constants talked about earlier in the end sequence. After the drowning, it goes from being a constant to a variable due to the infinite loop being closed. After the credits takes place before Lutece took Anna, but due to the infinite loop being closed there will never be a debt. Either that or he is in some afterlife type deal. I think the after the credits scene is meant to be up for interpretation.
(Sorry if the explanation is a bit mixed up, I'm typing this on a phone as I walk.)

Paranoidplayer241695d ago

If you think about the story long enough you will figure out what happened, it's quite a lot to take in but when you finally understand it ALL your realize how amazing it is.

The reason all the Bookers seased to exist is because the got rid of "the booker" before he could accept or decline the baptism. The baptism is where his life stems into the multiple demensions of Comstock and Booker. But if you take away the variable of creating all the demensions they will disapear. Because they got rid of the Booker that chose all the other elizabeths faded away because now there was only one way for things to work. With one booker and one elizabeth. Now new dimensions will form because of that choice but for the sake of the ending it was like starting over. With no option of the baptism (they took it away) booker would never give his child away to Comstock (because the variable no longer exists) and he would keep Elizabeth. What happened from there and such would be in newly created dimensions.

Bottom line: They took away the option for the baptism, because before the baptism there was only one dimensional booker. So now the only things left are him and Elizabeth. It makes sense if you think long and hard about it.

Paranoidplayer241695d ago

As for the "cliches" you speak of, that's what makes the city feel real. That's how things were in 1912 and they are not cliches they add to the lore of the city and make it much more believable.

The graphics are gorgeous but as I said not perfect but fairly close uncharted 3 had 10/10 graphics. These arnt as good but they are somewhere in the same ball park.

Bioshock 1s gameplay was not as good as this ones. There were many more elements that made it more exciting and fun to play.

Heavenly King1695d ago

graphics fairly close to Uncharted 3? You need glasses dude. I have the game too, and most textures look like crap.

And how it makes the city "alive". Just exaggerating things does not make anything alive. And even if it does it just only the beginning of the game, because later it is all out war between VOX and the Founders. which turn the game almost into COD or BF.

The rich narrative of Bioshock 1 is not there. And Bioshock 1 has better gameplay than this. Your weapons had different kind of ammunitions so you could approach certain circumstances differently.

And damn there is only 1 boss in the whole game.

MattyG1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

Weapons take different ammo in Infinite too. And if you only count Fontaine as a boss, then there's only one in the original. Unless you count the Big Daddies and major splicers as bosses, in which case you'd have to count the Firemen, Handymen, Motorized Patriots and Lady Comstock too. Or you may just want to ignore them for the sake of furthuring your argument.

Paranoidplayer241695d ago

Heavenly king you seem to miss the point of the game. You are not looking at it as a person that's even willing to enjoy it. You seem to be just looking for things to hate. It in fact does have the rich narrative from the first game. However I do think the first is better its not by much.

And are you even serious about the war being like COD? That was the most realistic part of the game. You got to see the Black people scrubbing floors and in the slums of the city. Once you get them tons of guns what else do you think would happen? It's a realistic scenario where they rebel to try and get their proper rights. The fact that you seem to be looking at it so one demensionally is odd. Especially if you really enjoyed the first game. It's not about the all out war, it's not about the things going on around you. But the point is that they are happening and your caught in the middle of it. That's what makes it real