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User Review : BioShock: Infinite

  • Amazing graphics on PC with stunning landscapes.
  • An interesting plot that ties nicely with the Bioshock universe.
  • Fluid gunplay, lots of things to collect which is rare in most shooters.
  • Plot was predictable from the get go, to me.
  • Repetitive shooting elements.
  • The addition of a shield, and exclusion of a weapon wheel.

Gaming masterpiece? Maybe not, but a solid shooter with a story that makes you think a bit.

Finally beat Bioshock Infinite. HEAVY SPOILERS ahead, please don't read if you plan on beating the game.

No seriously, stop reading.

Last chance.

It's starting now...

Ok, so it was a pretty good game, not as amazing as everyone else seems to think, at least to me. I didn't like how it played like any ordinary shooter. The gameplay itself was REALLY smooth and fluid (PC version however, unsure on console). But what I didn't like is how it was generic firefight after generic firefight, ESPECIALLY at the end, with freaking endless dropships and all that...Dropships...IN BIOSHOCK??? Dafuq is that.

The weapons have some decent variety, and keep you entertained with the shooting, but it's the 8 new Vigors (or Plasmids), that REALLY add some interesting combat decisions in the game. I won't go on long about them, but I will say that all 8 of them are completely unique, unlike Bioshock 1 and 2 where some just felt similar, or entirely useless. They are each so good and different, you could probably get through the whole game with just 2 or 3. The only complaint I have with them, is that they serve absolutely no purpose in the game, also unlike Bioshock 1 and 2. In the other games, Plasmids were a way to better your life, until the citizens of Rapture were consumed by the power. In Infinite, they are there basically because it is a Bioshock game, and none of the other citizens/enemies use them.

Another element of combat are the skylines. Oh the skylines. They are absolutely a BLAST to play around on, and truly something unique that I personally have never seen before. I will say that it doesn't make a whole lot of sense that you can shoot the RPG or Crank Gun from them, but they are loads of fun to hop on whenever they are around.

Now on to the story. For starters, I fully understood what was going on, not even half way through the game, so the BIG surprises and confusions that happened to practically everyone else who played it, at the very end, really did not leave me with my jaw on the floor like I was expecting. So, if you're still confused, the game plays around with the Many Worlds Theory, I studied it a lot in my college Astronomy classes. The idea that, the same things are going on, in different universes, but with different outcomes each time. For instance (this happens in the game), you flip a coin and choose heads, and it lands on heads. While in theory, in another world, it simultaneously lands on tails. I love the concept of this, and was pleased to see that it was chosen for Bioshock, there are just some things I had guessed very early on.

For instance, I had fully guessed that you were the same person as Comstock, to me it was very obvious and not a surprise at all. In fact I would have been shocked if I was wrong about it. I had a hunch that Elizabeth was your daughter, and you were attempting to give her away to wipe your sleight clean. The reason I knew you were Comstock, was because they kept calling you false shepherd, all while Comstock was hailed as the shepherd/prophet. It wasn't until the game finally went haywire with other dimensions, that I finally realized how they could both exist. As soon as Elizabeth's tears came into the game, I knew what was happening.

So, the game has a good story, no doubt. It definitely has the type of story you can have enjoyable conversations with your friends about. My only gripe is that it was sooooo predictable in my eyes, before the so called "mind f*$&ing" ending that EVERYBODY talked about, after release. It was difficult to stay away from spoilers but I did thankfully, yet I just don't see why nearly everyone praises the game for it's ending.

All in all, it's a solid game, repetitive, gorgeous, and interesting. A few gameplay flaws that make it a lot like other shooters, such as a shield which makes the least sense out of anything you could get confused about in the story, and removing the weapon wheel. I do not see this game as the 94 it has on Metacritic, and with The Last of Us I have yet to play, along with Beyond Two Souls and Watch Dogs, I can't see it being my choice for Game of the Year.

For the fans...P.S, you can hear songbird dying in the first Bioshock ;)

This game is just beautiful in every sense of the word, nothing else needs to be said. Try it out on PC if possible, and you'll see why I've been gaming in next gen for nearly 2 years now.
There's nothing negative about the sound in the game, so I can't knock off points for it. The voice acting is good, the vigors sound brutal, and those Handymen sound very frightening!
This is where certain things fall flat for me. While the actual movement and shooting was smooth, and done very well, it just got so repetitive after a while, and adding dropships for the final fight was just a massive letdown for me.
Fun Factor
There is plenty of fun to be had in the game. From finding all vigor combinations without cheating, to collecting every voxophone, gear, and infusion. But with firefights getting boring after some time, I don't see myself going back to the game since I have beaten it.
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lex-10201769d ago

Good review. To me it did have a sort of generic shooter vibe going for it, which is sad. I was really sad that the skylines didn't play a larger part in the story as they were quite a lot of fun to play around on.

As for the ending there may be something that you didn't notice. I know a lot of people didn't notice it at first either, but Booker and the main character from Bioshock 1 are actually the same person. BS1 took place in a parallel world with a parallel Booker. The evidence for this is supported by Booker being able to use the DNA locked pods. Just an interesting fact a lot of people seemed to miss.

BiggCMan1768d ago

Thank you!! Do you have any agreements or disagreements? I enjoy hearing others opinions!

Wni01767d ago

I actually returned infinite not 4 hours into it. I don't disagree with anything in your review. I would have given the game an 8 as well. Visuals/cutscenes were good but story with gameplay was not.

BiggCMan1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Aww, you shoulda beat it at least! I hate not finishing games D: But alright then, thanks for reading!

PS, there is someone blatantly disagreeing with every single comment here... Some people.

Bimkoblerutso1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Nice review. I, too, am becoming increasingly disillusioned with the shooter mentality these days. I think I would have been alright NOT walking into a gun fight every time I turned a corner.

Like you mentioned, it's not that the shooting wasn't fun, but when all was said and done, it was the least impressive feature of the game...and ironically got the most attention. I would have liked more down time to simply take in and explore the world, maybe even expand on the relationship between Booker and Elizabeth.

And I kinda have to agree about the ending, too. Though it's predictability didn't really detract from it's impact, in my opinion, simply because it's woven together so wonderfully. It's especially evident on the second playthrough when you realize that they weren't really trying to keep it a secret in the first place: you are given the details of the narrative literally from the first scene of the game. The fun for me was picking up all those little details I missed.

jamz41767d ago

I'm not sure you can make much of a weapon wheel when you can only carry 2 weapons :S

BiggCMan1766d ago

I don't think you understand. A weapon wheel is a system in games that allows you carry all weapons in the entire game. It was in Bioshock 1 and 2, Resistance 1 and 3, all Ratchet & Clank games etc.. I don't understand the point of taking away such a fun feature.

jamz41766d ago

No, I completely understand - a weapon wheel is a system that allows you to quickly select a specific weapon, not to carry them all.