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User Review : BioShock: Infinite

  • Fantastic storytelling and characters in a rich, fantastic looking world
  • Surprisingly mature racist and religious themes
  • Ending
  • Sadly mundane gameplay
  • Enemies are lackluster

Bioshock Infinite

So I have a thing about late reviews, but whatever, I'm here to review Bioshock Infinite!


The Bioshock series is well known for the amazing deep, moving stories we get from these games. And Bioshock Infinite is no different. But there are still some major issues that were in the other games that are still present in this game. And that's why I just shake my head when people give this game a 10/10


Gonna cover this first because this is the most important part! So, because of the past 2 games there was a high bar set for the story in Bioshock Infinite. They met that bar, heck, even surpassed it. This games writing is surprisingly mature, which is something you almost never see in video games. It's not like, "HAHAHA GIRLS WITH BOOBIES" it's much more mature then that.

The game deals with racism and religious discrimination very well. In fact, it's scary. I'm Catholic, and I didn't feel an ounce offended by the games religious theme. I don't see why many other religious people are offended.

The characters are the highlight of this story. Booker Dewitt is Hon Solo, which is amazing. Elizabeth is a kind, warm, but fierce character. And listening to her and Booker talk is very entertaining. Prophet Comstock is a brilliant evil mastermind, and by brilliant, I mean brilliantly done. Even the Luteces are just so great, and the other minor characters.

And of course, dat ending. I've played partially through the game a second time, and their set up to the ending is brilliant.


Holy mother of sweet baby Jesus. Another huge strength of this game, is the graphics. I didn't even know at first this game was made in UE3, which while they can look good, I didn't expect this. Sure, the textures are nice, the lighting is nice, but the overall aesthetic and warm look of Columbia is fantastic.

I found it such a pleasure to go onto the beaten track, away from the story, and explore the great looking city of Columbia. They clearly put a lot of thought until the little details, and you can tell.


Gaah... here's where the praise ends. This is my biggest gripe with the game. Only 2 weapons? 2 WEAPONS? WHY! This is such a cheat gimmick to make the game "harder" and require you to be "smarter" about what weapons to use in certain situations. It was soooo annoying to frantically search for new weapons that I needed for the situation. Oh well, I managed...somehow.

The weapons too are sadly lackluster. You've got an SMG, pistol, hand cannon, carbine, etc. The most "original" weapon is the Heater, but still that isn't all that interesting.

But the gameplay isn't all bad! The way the rail lines tie into the combat make it better. Having to jump onto them and escape away from a giant Patriot is very scary and exhilarating.

Speaking of Patriots, lets talk about the enemies. Most of them are again, unoriginal. My favorite enemies are the Patriots, who have some amazing lines and its fun to take them down. But the handymen... just don't get me started on them, they just SUCK.

The vigors could be worse, but they're still not fantastic. A lot of them are similar to another in terms of their mechanics. But possession and bucking bronco are pretty fun to use.

Oooh but the sound, MMMMM the sounds in this game is for the most part, great. Some of the weapons are normal sounding like the SMG and pistol, but the Handymen and Patriots just sound wonderful, that sounds weird, but they are. And the voice acting is A++++++


A great game that is hindered by its mundane gameplay. If the gameplay could have been improved on, it could have very well been one of the best games ever made. Sadly, it didn't happen. And I really wish they could have pulled off the combat correctly.

But the VA, wonderful looking world, and rich story saves this game from utter destruction.

Game looks fantastic, the only reason its not a 10/10 is due to a number of spots having horrendous textures.
Despite a couple of guns not sounding all that fantastic, the VA and some of the enemies bring a lot to the sound of the game.
Combat gets annoying, 2 weapons, and some of the enemies become really annoying to fight, like the Handymen.
Fun Factor
Why is this low? Because of the combat. I don't have a whole lot of fun during the combat, I only do during dialogue parts of the game, and basically anything to do with the story.
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lovegames7181831d ago

Wow in terms of game play you hit it right on the money. I felt the same way. Graphics however i would give somewhere like an 8.5 due to textures as well as other little things i noticed that weren't detailed (although alot of things were beautiful and detailed).

My score for this game would have been similar and around an 8.

If i read this review (before i purchased the game) amongst all the blind praises i would have took it into account more than any other.