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BioShock: Infinite Previews  

Preview: Bioshock Infinite strikes a balance between compelling narrative and action -

1091d ago - The first Bioshock is one of the most critically acclaimed video games of the last decade. Bu... | Xbox 360

BioShock: Infinite Hands-On Preview | WGTC

1091d ago - Thanks to Microsoft and 2K Games, We Got This Covered was given the opportunity to go hands-on wi... | PC

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Hands-on with BioShock Infinite: A different path to the same dystopia (

1092d ago - Bioshock: Infinite starts, much as Bioshock starts, atop a stormy ocean with the player approachi... | PC

BioShock Infinite Preview [Player Attack]

1093d ago - Jimmy the Geek writes: "When I say I got properly excited for Infinite around January 2011, when... | PC

Preview: BioShock Infinite (eGamer)

1094d ago - "BioShock ascends from the murky depths of the dark-blue ocean to a complete opposite end of the... | PC

Preview: Bioshock Infinite |

1094d ago - Previewer Steve Wright writes, "You know that old saying, “assume, and you make an…” "Well, ke... | PC

HCgamer: Bioshock Infinite - preview

1095d ago - The first BioShock much messed games on the market, as soon as it appeared. Gentlemen of Irration... | PC

NYPost- Bioshock Infinite Preview

1101d ago - NYP:The game’s main protagonist is former Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt, and it opens off the coa... | PC

GameSpy - PC Shooters of Q1 Preview: BioShock Infinite, Crysis 3, Tomb Raider & More

1102d ago - GameSpy - Once, the months following the holiday season were a wasteland devoid of major game rel... | PC

Bioshock Infinite Hands-on Preview - The Average Gamer

1102d ago - The Average Gamer spends a few hours with the opening of BioShock Infinite. "All around the m... | PC

BioShock Infinite Preview GameGrin

1108d ago - GG: BioShock Infinite has remained one of our most eagerly awaited games since its announcement... | PC

2013's Most Anticipated: BioShock Infinite | Only Single Player

1110d ago - OnlySP Writes: "I’m going to be perfectly honest; I have never played a Bioshock game. Yeah I sai... | PC

Bioshock Infinite combat trials: classic Bioshock action, without the claustrophobia | OXM UK

1110d ago - OXM UK: "The gloss of the world has faded a little since the release of Dishonored, but this late... | Xbox 360

Bioshock Infinite Hands On Preview - Mature-Gaming

1113d ago - Could this be a city to rival Rapture? Alaric spends some time with his head in the clouds. | PC

BioShock Infinite Preview - The First Four Hours | GodisaGeek

1113d ago - GodisaGeek: "Irrational Games have been working on BioShock Infinite for nearly five years. That’... | PC

BioShock Infinite preview – exceptional action | Metro

1114d ago - Metro writes: "Getting a chance to play the first hour of BioShock Infinite sounds great in th... | PC

Bioshock Infinite Preview | NZGamer

1115d ago - NZGamer: "With as many re-imaginings of the American past as the History Channel, BioShock is cer... | PC

Bioshock Infinite: Three hours in Columbia, Irrational’s brave new world | EDGE

1115d ago - EDGE: "Our first proper three-hour journey through Columbia is also the first opportunity to spen... | PC

Preview: BioShock Infinite has "No Difficulty" setting | SGCafe

1124d ago - SGCafe: In our preview of Ken Levine and Irrational Games’ BioShock Infinite, we check out the... | PC

Zero1Gaming: Bioshock Infinite: The 'Big Daddy' of FPS Returns

1125d ago - Michael gives us a preview of what we can expect from one of 2013's most anticipated releases. | PC

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BioShock Infinite Preview | spong

1128d ago - spong writes: "Same story, different world? Not exactly, but BioShock Infinite does include ma... | PC

Why We're Excited About 2013: BioShock Infinite | 1UP

1134d ago - 1UP: "Part of the brilliance of the first BioShock was its claustrophobic setting. The fractured... | PC

OXM - How 'Bioshock Infinite' wages war on 'Bioshock 1'

1135d ago - OXM - One of the great tragedies of games publishing is that sequels rarely encourage us to revis... | Xbox 360

PC World - Bioshock Infinite: Something's amiss in Columbia

1136d ago - PC World - Not much has been said about Bioshock Infinite since its original unveiling at E3 2011... | PC

Ginx- Preview: Bioshock Infinite

1139d ago - GX:We'll never forget the beauty and horror of Rapture. It was an Art Deco dystopia hidden beneat... | PC

BioShock: Infinite

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