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Borderlands & BioShock Games Join PlayStation Now Subscriptions Today

7h ago | News | Posted by James Martin on Dec 01, 2015 // Director of Marketing, PS Now: Take 2 Interactive is releasing blockbuster games on the PlayStation Now Subscription service today.

8 Immortality Gadgets That Keep Us Alive No Matter How Hard We Die

17d ago | Opinion piece | OX writes: "Some games don't just respawn us, they keep us canonically immortal with advanced gad...

Bioshock has the makings of a great franchise

6d ago | Opinion piece | Joe from GamersFTW writes about the future of Bioshock, and why we should get excited at the prospect of more Bioshock games on the horizon.

PAX AUS 2015 – Plastic Wax Interview

14d ago | Interview | "There’s nothing quite as exciting as a slick CG trailer to fuel the hype behind your favorite AA...

12 Stunning Video Game Locations You Must Visit Before You Die

29d ago | Opinion piece | Particularly in the last decade, games have become technically robust enough to create believable...
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