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Green Man Gaming Launches Two 4.99$ Games Bundles

1d 21h ago | Article | Green Man Gaming are yet again offering more than just a sale with a breadth of bundles to take your breath away! They released two games bundles featuring Codemasters and Digital Tribes. Also disc...

7 Spoilers That Would Most Completely Ruin a Game

1d 6h ago | Opinion piece | Outside Xbox: "Spoilers are dangerous, plentiful and ready to take you by surprise like a Lego br...

Five Fantastic Games That Were Almost Vaporware

9d ago | Opinion piece | Continue Play's Pete Yankowski runs through 5 of the best games that came close to becoming Vapor...

Is 2K teasing a BioShock announcement?

3d ago | Rumor | 2K could be preparing to make an announcement linked to the original BioShock, judging by a tease posted on Twitter.

Fox News logo looks remarkably similiar to Bioshock Infinite

25d ago | News | Why Fox News, that logo you used during an interview with Texas Governer Rick Perry regarding imm...

Endless Brocast Episode 25: The best endings of gen 7

10d ago | Podcast | Endlessbacklog podcast crew deliberates on what were the best endings of the 7th generation in ga...

Most Memorable Moments in Gaming

6d ago | Opinion piece | Nick B. of Gamer Assault Weekly has compiled a list of some of the most memorable moments in video game history.

7 Asylums in Games Guaranteed to Make You Crazy

4d ago | Opinion piece | Outside Xbox: "In an ideal world, a mental hospital would be a safe, calm sanctuary where qu...

10 Ridiculous Things We Just Had To Go With In Bioshock

8d ago | Opinion piece | What Culture: Perhaps one of the most iconic fr...

The Beauty of BioShock Infinite

6d ago | Article | BioShock Infinite is a game of beauty like no other. In this in depth article by Aggro Sky, BioShock Infinite is examined in a way never done befor...

Top 8 Games I Can't Get Into

14d ago | Opinion piece | From Skyrim to BioShock: Infinite, and more, 411's Marc Morrison ranks the top 8 good games that he just can't get into.
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