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These 6 Games Universes Would Be Just the Worst to Live In

3d ago | Opinion piece | You thought the last six were too easy? How's these for 'worst places to live'?

7 Videogame 'Geniuses' Killed by Their Own Creations

13d ago | Opinion piece | Outside Xbox: "If you're a scientist or an inventor in a videogame, watch your back. The chances...

PlayStation Store Sales This Week Feature Square Enix & 2K Publisher Deals

10d ago | News | PlayStation LifeStyle: Giving you some ideas of what to use that 10% PSN discount code on this weekend, the North American PlayStation Store has updated to reveal two publisher sales from Square En...

8 Games That Need a Next-Gen Makeover

8d ago | Opinion piece | It is a fact that, 2014 has been filled to the brim with PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 games getting re-released on the PS4/Xbox One. It is a great way to relive some of your old favorites. Now this t...

BioShock Infinite Video Review

11d ago | Opinion piece | Aidan from Awesome Games writes: 'Check out our video review of BioShock Infinite! “Simply put, BioShock Infinite is a masterpiece. The story i...

Diagnosing Video Game Injuries, Second Opinion

22d ago | Opinion piece | Alex of Gamer Assault Weekly and The Doctor are back for another installment into the Video Game...

Worst Video Game Moral Choices of All Time

15d ago | Opinion piece | What are the worst video game moral choices of all time? Moral choices in gaming have been a go t...

The 15 Best PlayStation Now Subscription Games You Should Play Right Now

16d ago | Opinion piece | We're getting closer to the day when we'll finally kiss gaming consoles goodbye. Today, Sony i...

What Makes A Good “Twist”?

13d ago | Opinion piece | Kevin Kennedy of This is Xbox writes, "Everyone loves a good twist right? A turn in the tale that nobody (save a few smart alecs) saw coming. If I...

Bioshock Infinite will take your breath away at £6.85 on PS3/360

29d ago | News | Dealspwn writes: Bioshock Infnite is now impossible to ignore for £6.85. and to think we reularly...
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