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Top 20 Games from the Last 5 Years

8d ago | Opinion piece | Over these last five years, there have been some very impressive games that have captivated us and left us wanting more. Here are 20 of the biggest games from the last five years.

8 Signs You're Living in an Evil Video Game Dystopia

6d ago | Opinion piece | OX writes: "You're a busy person. It's easy to lose track of current affairs until one day you lo...

Who's the Gaming World Endorsing for Labour Leader? | Cubed Gamers

4d ago | Article | The real question of this leadership content is who's best placed to get the floating Toad voters.

5 Times Video Games Made Us Cry

29d ago | Opinion piece | Richard Drummond of Gaming Tech United writes: "Video games have the power to influence the user in a way that movies and books simply do not. The fact that video games are an interactive medium...

Press Start: Eight video games that show the power of music

23d ago | Opinion piece | Video game music is often unappreciated for its ability to heighten emotion or pull players into...

10 Xbox games that should be made into movies

19d ago | Opinion piece | Steve C. writes - 'A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a feature on 10 movies that should be made into...
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