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Is It Just My Perspective? | The Challenges of the First Person Game

126d ago ... The ways we look at a game are often as important as they ways we play them. Our own two eyes are the most powerful windows that we experience the worlds games developers attempt to immerse us in and the point of view they lend us can wreck or reward a game in a variety of ways. Games bombard us with visual aesthetics between first and third person shooters, from Bioshock Infinite to Uncharted....

Let me rant about something I loved

411d ago ... Now I don't know how many people will click to read this based on my title but it's pretty indicative of what the content will be about. Now before we go on let me warn you I AM GOING TO SPOIL THE ENDING TO BIOSHOCK INFINITE BURIAL AT SEA EP 1 & 2. If you played it or have no plans to ever play it then let's get started. I loved my time with Bioshock Infinite and thought it was a fantasti...

Bioshock 1 makes every player out to be a fool no matter what

480d ago ... At the start of the first Bioshock game you crash land in the Atlantic, not properly knowing who you are or why you've crashed. You know you're not quite a 'faceless protagonist' though - you see family photos, you're a smoker. You are meant to be a fixed 'somebody' not just 'anybody'. Similarly, in Bioshock Infinite, you are somebody. you can even see your own reflection early on. In bot...

It’s 2014, What game are you waiting For? And Why? Is it really a good game, you sure about that?

504d ago ... You know, it’s funny but I’m really starting to wonder about games these days. I mean were finally here in the nex gen, but it’s really not even feeling as good as last gen. At least not yet. Maybe last gen spoiled me, but I have not played anything as good as the blockbusters I was playing at the end of last year - GTA V, The Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite, Battlefield 3. I’m going to tel...

My Game of the Year Awards

510d ago ... Excuse me if this is is a bad blog, if so, I'm sorry. So it's the time of the year where games are given awards. I want to give my awards out, if that's okay. Best Fighting Game: Injustice: Gods Among Us Simply, this game is good. After making the amaze-fest called Mortal Kombat, Netherrealm Studios comes back and makes something better. From the moment I heard of this game I thought tha...

Religion vs Video Games

743d ago ... Videogames get a lot of unwarranted bad press. There’s barely a week goes by that they aren’t being blamed for social ineptitude and aggressiveness, with some even claiming that video games turn us into cold blooded killers. Along with parents and lawyers looking for an excuse for why their ‘oh so perfect’ son is a violent maniac, there is another institution that is seemingly always getting vi...

Is the quality of games declining?

758d ago ... I recently finished Bioshock Infinite and I can honestly say it disappointed me. It just didn't feel like the game Levine was making it out to be. Sure, the story and atmosphere are amazing, but there was one very important element that left a sour taste in my mouth. What's that, you ask? The actual gameplay... I figured I was perhaps the only one to feel like this, so I discussed it with a...

Will low-end PC's hold back nextgen games?

767d ago ... Every article held for PC vs console always brings forth discussions of consoles vs high-end PC's. Will PS4 be as powerful, will they be equal or will it even surpass? Let's not kick the dead horse in this blog, I would rather introduce a more concerning topic: consoles vs low-end PC's. Could these lesser spec'd PC's potentially hold back multiplatform games? Or will they fall in line wi...

bioshock infinite and the 4th wall theory. (spoilers)

774d ago ... Having played and enjoyed bioshock infinite twice (hard and 1999) I have developed a theory about the ending of the game. I have a theory that the end of the game doesnt just speak to us about the endless realities within the game but is also trying to reach out into our living rooms and speak to us as gamers. There are massive spoilers ahead so read on at your descretion. You will reach a...

Why are we defending the Dead Island bikini corpse?

855d ago ... (This is my second attempt at writing on this, while the issue is still fresh. I threw together a hastily-written, poorly constructed blog entry last night with way too much caps lock. I looked at it this morning, and thought I must have been crazy. I'm truly grateful for the honest feedback I received on that, I slept off whatever craziness got into me, now let my try to tackle it with a bit m...

Is The Tokyo Game Show Becoming Irrelevant?

1307d ago ... In the latest issue of GameInformer, issue 223, November 2011, an article spanning a depressing half page was placed in the magazine summarizing and covering the TGS. The title of the article: "Big Booths, Small Impact". Tokyo Game Show was once a convention that rivaled E3, and was highly anticipated each year. However, in the past couple of years, many have noticed that the show has been lo...

Bioshock Infinite Preview (E3)

1436d ago ... If you're hoping to go into Infinite with a squeaky clean slate and an empty mind, don't read any further, the events discussed occur partway through the game. In a packed room of media there's a presentation of Bioshock Infinite - the story, the combat, the world. For those that need a little catching up, our main character, Booker DeWitt is a former Pinkerton agent - former because he play...

Sequels Slump: What's Wrong with the Industry?

1581d ago ... Game sequels have been popping out faster than anyone can play them. It appears that for every original intellectual property we get, there are at least two sequels that we have to suffer through. Just look at games like Fable 3 or Fallout New Vegas. These are games that offer slightly more content with kinda improved graphics for the same game play you already had. Sure there are some new w...

The PS3 will be my most played system

1663d ago ... The holiday and 2011 is already packed with games, and many more unannounced titles will be seeing the light of day next year. But after making a list of games I'm looking forward to I noticed the PS3 completely dominates every other system and category. Here's a list of everything I'm looking forward to. PS3 PlayStation Move Gran Turismo 5 Little Big Planet 2 Killzone 3 Infamous...
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