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Does RAGE Really Need Deathmatch?

1423d ago ... It has been stated several times that id Software's upcoming RAGE will not feature the traditional Deathmatch (DM) and Capture the Flag (CTF) modes normally expected out of an FPS. There have been gamers, most of which we could assume are id-faithful, have reacted somewhat negatively or shocked. But should they be? Apparently, id felt that the co-op and vehicular multiplayer works much better...

Sequels Slump: What's Wrong with the Industry?

1623d ago ... Game sequels have been popping out faster than anyone can play them. It appears that for every original intellectual property we get, there are at least two sequels that we have to suffer through. Just look at games like Fable 3 or Fallout New Vegas. These are games that offer slightly more content with kinda improved graphics for the same game play you already had. Sure there are some new w...

GOTY Awards

1661d ago ... Well I do this every year, because I don't agree with many of the choices the major websites pick, as it seems like they're trying to push certain games over others. So here's my GOTY awards. Best Action-Adventure Winner: God of War 3 Runner Up: Red Dead Redemption Honorable Mentions: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Bayonetta, Darksiders, God of War Ghost of Sparta, Metal Gear Solid...

What in the name of good video games happened here?

1731d ago ... A top 10 list of good things in video games that don’t happen. This is a list from a rather hardcore gamer about things that I have found while playing video games that I really liked. Things that I think the perfect game would incorporate. It also includes things that I don’t understand how if it happened 10 years ago they can’t make it happen now. 1. Spending more time on single player...

My journey to PC gaming so far (and little PS3 talk)

1749d ago ... In my last blog post I talked about being new to the true PC gaming scene and what difficulties I had faced. So far I have bought a couple of new games to PC one of them being Bioshock 2. This games installation was a complete disaster. When I first installed it the release date checking program didn't work and I had to do it manually. I finally got to play the game and it was fun and awesome u...

2010 games you shouldn't miss - playing the hardcore way: Bioshock 2

1875d ago ... Bioshock 2 Not the best looking graphic but super-excellent mood and game! I didn't play the first BioShock but really liked the concept and mood and were definitely looking forward to this one. The 50s steampunk setting definitely is intriguing. The special edition package was über and so stylish, if there's something this game has, it really is style! The graphic isn't up to par with mo...

Possible BioShock 2-Story Arc

2297d ago ... Possible BioShock 2 info, concerning Andrew Ryan

Take-Two: Wishing they had a second take? Also, The Lost.

2378d ago ... Take-Two has definitely seen better times. As we all know by now, EA fought a long, eventually losing battle to attempt to buy Take-Two earlier this year in the wake of the earthshattering Activision-Blizzard merger. However, the mix of good and bad news for the company continues. In their annual report, Take-Two revealed that the company spent $11 MILLION of their own during the attempted EA t...
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