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My Personal Top 15 best Looking Games In My 7th Gen Collection

78d ago ... Please remember this is my personal opinion, if you disagree respectively give yours and be constructive and unbiased. It also worth noting that I didn't play several graphical powerhouses such as Rage, Beyond Two Souls and GTA V (I however seen this played on PS3 on my TV ). 15: Red Dead Redemption (Played on XB 360) Red Dead Redemption set new standards for open world graphics, the draw...

Best Games Of This Gen?

453d ago ... As this generation of consoles begins to come to a close, many great games have been released during its entirety. I started pondering about which games this generation were the best. I thought hard and I've compiled a list of games which I personally think are the best of the best. I tried narrowing down all my choices with only ten games. Choosing the ten games themselves was hard but trying...

My hopes for the Sony E3 press conference.

541d ago ... It is now only five days until E3. With almost every publisher announcing something big as well as the next gen consoles being shown this might be the best e3 yet. My hopes for the conference is that Sony will show a LOT of games. Not just more gameplay off the titles they have already announced but new games that haven't been announced like Quantic Dream's, GG's and ND's new IP. Saying th...
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