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Bethesda VP: Most of our studios are "working on one project" and "nothing else"

517d ago - Examiner: "Bethesda Softworks is notorious for turning out high quality games with a longer than... | PS4

Arkane Studios discusses ‘Dishonored’, next title, and PS4, Xbox One development

517d ago - One of 2012’s most well received games was Bethesda and Arkane Studios’ Dishonored. Seeing releas... | Xbox 360

Bethesda VP talks about the challenges of this unique time in gaming

518d ago - Examiner: "This fall is a rather unique time in gaming with most titles releasing on both current... | PS4

Gotgame The Evil Within Gamescom Preview: The master of survival horror returns for one last time

519d ago - Of all the games we saw at Gamescom, The Evil Within was one that really excited us. Why? Because... | PC

See what games are coming out in 2015

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The biggest benefit of next-gen consoles is their similarity says BethSoft VP

520d ago - Examiner: "With everyone talking about the glitz and glamour of the next generation consoles most... | PS4

The Elder Scrolls Online: Is a Monthly Fee The Right Option For The Game?

522d ago - Is a monthly fee the right routre for Bethesda and Zenimax to take with new MMO The Elder Scrolls... | PC

Bethesda Drops Fallout 4 Hints Inside Own Online Store?

523d ago - S&R pointed out that over at the Bethesda online store there is a Tunnel Snakes hoodie for sale.... | PC

Skyrim Mod Workshop 2: User Interface

530d ago - "Welcome to part 2 of GDiNews’ Skyrim Mod Workshop. In this section I will cover how to actually... | PC

Arkane Studios is Rebooting Prey 2

531d ago - According to series of leaked emails discovered by online publication, Kotaku, rumors previously... | PC

Bethesda boss happy to be the “Pixar of video games”

532d ago - Bethesda-published games may be very different in terms of genre and style, but PR and marketing... | Industry

(GDiNews) Skyrim Mod Workshop 1: Setting Up SKSE

534d ago - (GDINews) "If you’ve been around as a PC gamer for a while, you’re sure to have heard of the insa... | PC

The Size of The Elder Scrolls Online's World Calculated

534d ago - A few calculations showing just how long it will take you to traverse Tamriel in The Elder Scroll... | PC

Wii U Not On Bethesda's Short-Term Radar

540d ago - Wii U owners hoping for a little Bethesda-brand steampunk/open world/pseudo-historical/massively... | Wii U

Bethesda's publishing model based on quality, not quantity, says Hines

540d ago - Joystiq writes: "Bethesda has no ambitions to become a volume-driven publisher, VP of PR and Mark... | Industry

A Quick Look at QuakeCon

543d ago - PixkBit | "Although QuakeCon hasn’t wrapped up yet, it has pretty much settled into its groove un... | PC

Bethesda has 'no games in development for Wii U'

561d ago - CVG: "Bethesda currently has no Wii U games in development, according to the company's marketing... | Wii U

QuakeCon 2013 | John Carmack's Annual Keynote, Featured Presentations and Panels Announced

566d ago - Bethesda Softworks is pleased to announce that QuakeCon 2013, the ultimate video game festival, w... | PC

Bethesda’s Battlecry Studios: AAA New Game, CryEngine, Shooter/Action/RPG, Online/MMO, F2P

573d ago - "In October 2012, ZeniMax opened Battlecry Studios as part of their Bethesda Softworks subsidiary... | PC

The Potential of Wolfenstein: The New Order

582d ago - IGN:Bethesda explains why the time is right for a new Wolfenstein and how it fits in with today’s... | Culture

Bethesda: ‘Never Say Never’ On Wii U, Vita Support

585d ago - IGN: ''Bethesda has released plenty of PC and console games and is already planning to support Xb... | Wii U

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

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E3 2013 – Sights and Sounds: The Bethesda booth tour

588d ago - El33tonline writes: "The publisher may only have had three games to show during E3 2013, but B... | PC

Bethesda Explains Prey 2 Silence

589d ago - IGN: "Bethesda has commented on the lack of news regarding Prey 2. In the wake of rumors about de... | PC

Checking Out Bethesda’s E3 2013 Booth | Geek Revolt

590d ago - GR's DeShaun Zollicoffer writes: There wasn’t much to see at Bethesda’s E3 2013 booth. Everyon... | PC

Bethesda on Xbox One: We're Still Unsure on Used Game Policy

600d ago - Most publishers still don't know what's going on when it comes to used games on the Xbox One. | Xbox One

E3 2013 Publisher Predictions – EA, Ubisoft, Activision and More

601d ago - Yesterday we celebrated our 200th Daily Reaction with a bunch of giveaways you can still enter, b... | PSP

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