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User Review : Bayonetta

  • Amazingly flexible gameplay{Over the top cut scenes{60 fps, speedy, action packed combat
  • More Cheesy than any game EVER{Film Strip scenes{Voice acting, and dialog is BOOTY


First off don't buy this game for the story or anything like that, because after playing it it's all still a big WTF to me.

Bayonetta is a member of a clan of witches who were in an eternal battle against the angels, the witches gained the upper hand and the humans saw how powerful they were becoming and held the witch trails killing off the majority of them.

Now I'm going to start my complaints about the story. How on earth did humans kill these witches with all the magic and abilities they possess? And they talk about how the world of Inferno (Hell) and Paradisio (Heaven) Purgitorio (Purgatory) are interacting too often with the human world recently, but they were feuding back in Renaissance Europe.

Getting back to the story. After the introduction you pick up where the demo kicks off, and basically Bayonetta decides to go fight stronger angels, and on a quest to find a jewel in the hope of gaining her memory back. And that's the story without any spoilers (as always).

The gameplay of Bayonetta is where it shines. Every aspect of the gameplay is near perfection. Each weapon you equip to Bayonetta give you a diverse and new way to play, and all the powers Bayonetta has make her feel so powerful against your foes. Mixing items together and stirring them as if the were a cauldron was brilliant. Bayonetta is a true hack and slash dream come true in the gameplay department. Boss battle are very cinematic and challenging, and the game is just a bliss to play. The only damper is a slow camera. The for some reason moves slower than a grandma with a walker, but thankfully by pushing in the right stick it resets to the direction Bayonetta is looking. Loading screens are good and bad. Good because they let you practice combat, but they are a bit to frequent (and that's on the Xbox 360 so PS3 owners I feel sorry for you). You have to get use to dodge a lot, since you'll be needing witch time especially on the harder difficulties.

The music in the game is forgettable, unless you like elevator Jazz music or Japan pop. The voice acting is sub par with the exception of Bayonetta, and the dialog is god awful "How do the Americans put it. Ah yes, bust a cap, in yo ass" (Bayonetta).

Overall Bayonetta is one of the weirdest, and probably the most awful written games I've ever played, but there's no denying that the gameplay that's here is among the best of the best.

Bayonetta looks and plays good on the 360 (again haven't tried the PS3 version besides the demo). It's a bright, crisp, and colorful game that runs at 60fps (almost all the time).
Combat effects and abilities fit the game. If you're into a combination of Jazz and J Pop then you'll love the music, so those 10 people in the world need to buy the soundtrack. For everyone else the music is mediocre, but the voice acting and dialog are POOR.
Possibly the best of it's genre. There is so much flexibility with the combat, that you'll want to discover new combos and abilities my attaching new items to Bayonetta. But a slow camera and frequent loading/award menus (which hurts the pacing) bring it down from pure perfection.
Fun Factor
The combat is fun and keeps you playing, everything else is average, so I kind of have mixed feelings about this score. Bayonetta is enjoyable, but don't expect anything special from it.
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ABizzel12869d ago

Since it's to late to edit the review I'll have to do it here. First off the slow camera can be fixed by going to options and selecting camera. For some absurd reason Platinum games decided to set the default camera speed to slow.

After playing through a second time I realized that the story isn't the WTF it's just moments in the game like a posing battle between Bayonetta and one of the angels who tries to imitate her. The story isn't great at all, but it's not bad.

One thing I didn't want to mention about because of spoilers is the mini games you HAVE to play. Angel attack is fine, it's like a carnival game hit the targets you win stuff, but the Motorcycle and Rocket parts are far to long.

The only score that can be changed is the gameplay, but again the framerate is consistent up until the later stages of the game where it drops.

So 8.7/10 is still the final score, but Bayonetta can is a highly recommended game (8.9 or a 9/10 if it wasn't so weird).

Dsnyder2864d ago

I dont see how these game reviewers can say this game is better then god of war. They were probably focusing on "other aspects" of bayonettas features when they gave out the perfect scores....