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Battlefield 4 Videos  

Battlefield 4 player goes on solo helicopter rampage, finishes 109-0

30d ago - This is probably the best helicopter pilot in Battlefield 4. | PC

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This Battlefield 4 player knows how to snipe with iron sights

41d ago - A Battlefield 4 player goes on an amazing killstreak using a sniper rifle with no scope. | PC

Battlefield 4's Latest Secret Easter Egg Is Incredibly Complex

48d ago - Kotaku: I am in awe that anybody managed to figure this out. | Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 player goes on awesome Defibrillator rampage

77d ago - The most disrespecting way to kill someone in BF4 | PC

Dragon Valley BF4 vs BF2 comparison video

84d ago - A comparison between the new Dragon Valley, and the old BF2 classic. | PC

New Battlefield 4 jungle map gets spectacular trailer

110d ago - The brand new Battlefield 4 jungle map gets its own cinematic trailer, and it's spectacular. | PC

Check out Battlefield 4’s new jungle map in action

131d ago - The new Battlefield 4 jungle map looks great in the latest video. | PC

Awesome Battlefield 4 flank gets player 20 kills in 30 seconds

151d ago - One of the best flanks ever in Battlefield 4 gets a player 20 kills in just 30 seconds. | PC

Battlefield 4 Night Operations Cinematic Trailer looks incredible

174d ago - The official cinematic trailer for the Battlefield 4 Night Operations update looks incredible. | PC

Battlefield 4 player goes 114-0 on Siege of Shanghai (video)

197d ago - A player managed to play the most impressive Battlefield 4 rounds ever. | PC

Dragon Valley From BF2 Has Returned! Classic Map Gameplay – Battlefield 4 CTE

224d ago - The Dragon Valley map from Battlefield 2 is coming to BF4. Dragon Valley is absolutely massive, l... | PC

Battlefield 4: Spring Patch Landing Soon – New Weapons and Gun Master Mode

266d ago - LevelCap talks about some of the the upcoming changes in the spring patch for Battlefield 4. The... | PC

Battlefield 4 Hardcore: Funny and Random Moments – TOW Jet, Shanghai Fun, Broken Tanks

271d ago - Enjoy these funny and random moments in Battlefield 4 Hardcore with the NxR Squad! This video fea... | PC

15 Insane Video Game Stunts of This Decade. #1 Is Beyond Crazy.

277d ago - "Check out some of the wildest stunts in video games this decade." | PC

Battlefield 4 Gains Megalodon In Paracel Storm, While Battlefield Hardline Active Players Dip

281d ago - This video brings up Megalodon in Battlefield 4 BUT mostly addresses why Battlefield Hardline saw... | PC

BattleField 4s Megalodon has been found in Paracel storm

283d ago - "Youtube user DANNYonPC has posted a video of the Megalodon in the multiplayer map Paracel storm.... | PC

Fan film makes Battlefield 4 look beautiful

294d ago - The tragedy is, as amazing as Battlefield 4 looks in this short montage, it's not really represen... | PC

Check out one of the best Battlefield 4 sniper kill-streaks ever

295d ago - A player manages to take out 8 enemies in less than 15 seconds using only the standard sniper rif... | PC

Weird Battlefield 4 glitch has a grenade climbing a ladder

306d ago - One of the weirdest Battlefield 4 glitches shows a grenade climbing a ladder by itself. | PC

Top 5 Games To Play - February 2016

Now - It's time to see what this month has to offer... Here's Your Top 5 Games To Play In February 2016... | Promoted post

First look at the new Battlefield 4 weapons

313d ago - A new video shows all 5 new Battlefield 4 weapons in action. | PC

Battlefield 4 Montage: Mokkie Moments – Vindicated Rock Music

332d ago - Here is a Battlefield 4 montage with clips from Mokkie only. No cinematic’s and crazy effects, ju... | PC

Battlefield 4: Community Jungle Map & Night Maps Update - New Thermal Optics

335d ago - DICE is building a new community Jungle map for Battlefield 4 on the CTE and there is also a new... | PC

Battlefield 4: Tank Montage – Destruction in the Sky

349d ago - Here is a new Battlefield 4 Tank montage with Attack Helicopter, Jets and Little Bird takedowns b... | PC

Battlefield 4 Moments – Tank vs Jet, Pilot Snipe, G18 Killstreak

385d ago - Battlefield 4 moments with tank vs jet clips, pilot sniping, killstreaks on Operation Locker with... | PC
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