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Battlefield 4 player goes on solo helicopter rampage, finishes 109-0

29d ago - This is probably the best helicopter pilot in Battlefield 4. | PC

Be the first to know the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - All N4G members who track PlayStation VR through will get 10% off on all PSVR launch titles! | Promoted post

This Battlefield 4 player knows how to snipe with iron sights

40d ago - A Battlefield 4 player goes on an amazing killstreak using a sniper rifle with no scope. | PC

Battlefield 4's Latest Secret Easter Egg Is Incredibly Complex

47d ago - Kotaku: I am in awe that anybody managed to figure this out. | Battlefield 4

Watch the New Battlefield 4 Legacy Operations Cinematic Trailer

59d ago - EB: A new cinematic trailer for Battlefield 4’s Legacy Operations DLC has been released to show o... | PC

Battlefield 4 player goes on awesome Defibrillator rampage

76d ago - The most disrespecting way to kill someone in BF4 | PC

Dragon Valley BF4 vs BF2 comparison video

83d ago - A comparison between the new Dragon Valley, and the old BF2 classic. | PC

New Battlefield 4 jungle map gets spectacular trailer

109d ago - The brand new Battlefield 4 jungle map gets its own cinematic trailer, and it's spectacular. | PC

Star Wars Battlefront's PC Graphics Are a New Benchmark, See Comparison Vs Battlefield 4

121d ago - GR: While most gamers are busy talking about the gameplay and Walker Assault imbalance in Star W... | PC

Battlefield 4 Community Operations Play Test Trailer Released

129d ago - Today DICE gave gamers their first glimpse of Battlefield 4 Community Operations, a map created a... | PC

Check out Battlefield 4’s new jungle map in action

130d ago - The new Battlefield 4 jungle map looks great in the latest video. | PC

New BF4 map “Dragon Valley 2” looks stunning in these screenshots

149d ago - The upcoming Dragon Valley could be the prettiest Battlefield 4 map to date. | Xbox 360

Awesome Battlefield 4 flank gets player 20 kills in 30 seconds

150d ago - One of the best flanks ever in Battlefield 4 gets a player 20 kills in just 30 seconds. | PC

This is what the Battlefield 4 night map looks like with all lights destroyed

156d ago - The new Battlefield 4 night map is spooky as hell without any lights. | PC

Fails of the Weak #258

161d ago - In Fails of the Weak Volume 258, Jack and Geoff talk you throw a variety of glitches and fails fr... | PC

Battlefield 4 Night Operations Cinematic Trailer looks incredible

173d ago - The official cinematic trailer for the Battlefield 4 Night Operations update looks incredible. | PC

New Battlefield 4 Night Map looks stunning in these screenshots

174d ago - The upcoming Battlefield 4 night map, Zavod Graveyard Shift, looks better than ever. | PC

Battlefield 4 Night Operations wallpaper

181d ago - An official, high-res wallpaper for the upcoming Battlefield 4 Night Operations update. | PC

Gamer Chatter Podcast - Episode 119: Through The Window

194d ago - Edward opens this week angering Tim as usual. The boys talk more Life is strange, Edward and Tim... | PC

PS Nation Podcast-Ep433-Slow Speed Chase - Live

195d ago - New, free content coming to EA Sports Rory McIlroy PGA Tour The Terminator coming to WWE 2K16 “... | PS3

List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your PS4? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post

Battlefield 4 player goes 114-0 on Siege of Shanghai (video)

196d ago - A player managed to play the most impressive Battlefield 4 rounds ever. | PC

Game Out Loud Podcast Epidsode 150

200d ago - The Game Out Loud guys are half way to 300!!! This week Game Out Loud is joined by Soup from No... | PC

Fails of the Weak #251

212d ago - Jack and Geoff return in Fails of the Weak Volume 251 with lots of laughs in Batman Arkham Knight... | PC

Dragon Valley From BF2 Has Returned! Classic Map Gameplay – Battlefield 4 CTE

223d ago - The Dragon Valley map from Battlefield 2 is coming to BF4. Dragon Valley is absolutely massive, l... | PC

Fails of the Weak #247

240d ago - In Fails of the Weak Volume 247, Jack and Geoff bring you an array of fails and glitches from Bat... | Culture
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