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Battlefield 4 Patch Adds New Weapons and Gun Master Mode

108d ago - Almost two years after launch, DICE continues to update Battlefield 4 with new content and tweaks... | PC

Battlefield 4 Dev Teases CTE For Xbox One

109d ago - You may be asking yourself, why would DICE even bother bringing back the CTE, and why only for Xb... | Xbox One

Top 5 Movies To See This Month

Now - The month of September has Johnny Depp portraying an enraged criminal, a group of climbers trying to make it home safely, and the return of the sur... | Promoted post

Battlefield 4 Hardcore: Funny and Random Moments – TOW Jet, Shanghai Fun, Broken Tanks

112d ago - Enjoy these funny and random moments in Battlefield 4 Hardcore with the NxR Squad! This video fea... | PC

“PStats BF4″ is a pretty cool alternative to the mobile Battlelog app

113d ago - A new Battlefield 4 stats app is a cool alternative to Battlelog. | PC

Visceral Games helps DICE get Battlefield 4 multiplayer working at 120Hz tickrate

116d ago - PCGamesN: Battlefield 4 players are buzzing with excitement today as DICE, with the help of Visc... | PC

15 Insane Video Game Stunts of This Decade. #1 Is Beyond Crazy.

118d ago - "Check out some of the wildest stunts in video games this decade." | PC

All future Battlefield 4 content will be free for all players

118d ago - DICE confirms that future content will be free for everyone, Premium and Non-Prmeium players. | PC

2015 Telkom DGL Battlefield 4 to be Sponsored by Cooler Master

121d ago - The 2015 Telkom DGL Battlefield 4 5 vs 5 Championships will be sponsored by Cooler Master. | PC

Battlefield 4 Gains Megalodon In Paracel Storm, While Battlefield Hardline Active Players Dip

122d ago - This video brings up Megalodon in Battlefield 4 BUT mostly addresses why Battlefield Hardline saw... | PC

BattleField 4s Megalodon has been found in Paracel storm

124d ago - "Youtube user DANNYonPC has posted a video of the Megalodon in the multiplayer map Paracel storm.... | PC

Battlefield 4 Mobile Commander app is no more

125d ago - DICE has ended support for the Battlefield 4 mobile commander app. | PC

Five Facts - Battlefield 4

127d ago - Jack and Geoff get together to discuss Five Facts about Battlefield 4! | PC

The Battlefield 4 vault bug is alive and kicking

127d ago - Despite 18 months worth of patches, one Battlefield 4 bug refuses to be fixed. | PC

Battlefield 4 Community Map Project Enters “Scale Test” Phase, Winning Map Design Shown

131d ago - The winning concept of the Battlefield 4 Community Map Project has been announced, allowing the p... | PC

First screenshots of new Battlefield 4 map surface

134d ago - The very first screenshots of the new Battlefield 4 mpa have been revealed. | PC

Fan film makes Battlefield 4 look beautiful

134d ago - The tragedy is, as amazing as Battlefield 4 looks in this short montage, it's not really represen... | PC

Check out one of the best Battlefield 4 sniper kill-streaks ever

135d ago - A player manages to take out 8 enemies in less than 15 seconds using only the standard sniper rif... | PC

DICE teases new Battlefield 4 map

138d ago - DICE has released the first images of the brand new Battlefield 4 community map. | PC

Only 14% of all Battlefield 4 players are still active

142d ago - 18 months after the game's release, just 14% of those who purchased BF4 are still active. But tha... | PC

Battlefield 4 community map will not be included in the Spring patch

144d ago - The brand new Battlefield 4 map, created by the community, will not be part of the upcoming Sprin... | PC


Now - Legends of Gaming Live will take over the whole of Alexandra Palace, from the 4th - 6th September 2015. Packed with exhibitors showcasing the lates... | Promoted post

Weird Battlefield 4 glitch has a grenade climbing a ladder

146d ago - One of the weirdest Battlefield 4 glitches shows a grenade climbing a ladder by itself. | PC

Rushing A Game To Markest: Consumer Opinion

147d ago - Thoughts leading up to the release of Battlefield Hardline, remember what happened when Battlefie... | Culture

Battlefield 4 still has more players than Hardline

151d ago - Unlike previous Battlefield games, the newest one (Hardline) has failed to overthrow the previous... | PC

Fails of the Weak - # 237

152d ago - Yet again Caleb isn't at work and didn't write a description. Here are some fails, Geoff sometime... | Culture

First look at the new Battlefield 4 weapons

153d ago - A new video shows all 5 new Battlefield 4 weapons in action. | PC

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