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Battlefield 4's Spring Update Finally Fixes the Despicable Headglitch

15h ago | Article | Battlefield 4's Spring Update finally fixed one of the game's long-lasting problems.

Next Battlefield 4 patch coming May 26

3d ago | News | The Battlefield 4 Spring update will be released on May 26 on all platforms.

Battlefield 4 Spring Update out May 26th

4d ago | News | Hot (cold?) on the heels of the Winter Update, we are back once again with a huge Battlefield 4 u...

Battlefield 4 Spring patch released, full patch notes revealed

22h ago | News | The new Battlefield 4 patch is live, with complete patch notes.

Battlefield 4 Dev Teases CTE For Xbox One

10d ago | News | You may be asking yourself, why would DICE even bother bringing back the CTE, and why only for Xb...

Battlefield 4 Patch Adds New Weapons and Gun Master Mode

10d ago | News | Almost two years after launch, DICE continues to update Battlefield 4 with new content and tweaks...

All future Battlefield 4 content will be free for all players

20d ago | News | DICE confirms that future content will be free for everyone, Premium and Non-Prmeium players.

BattleField 4s Megalodon has been found in Paracel storm

25d ago | Video | "Youtube user DANNYonPC has posted a video of the Megalodon in the multiplayer map Paracel storm....

Battlefield 4: Spring Patch Landing Soon – New Weapons and Gun Master Mode

8d ago | Video | LevelCap talks about some of the the upcoming changes in the spring patch for Battlefield 4. The...

New Battlefield 4 Game Mode, Squad Conquest Will Test Your Teamwork

10d ago | News | A new gamemode comes to Battlefield 4 in the near future. The new gamemode will feature the conqu...

15 Insane Video Game Stunts of This Decade. #1 Is Beyond Crazy.

19d ago | Video | "Check out some of the wildest stunts in video games this decade."

“PStats BF4″ is a pretty cool alternative to the mobile Battlelog app

15d ago | News | A new Battlefield 4 stats app is a cool alterna...

Last Week to Register for Telkom DGL Winter Leg

8d ago | News | Teams wishing to compete in any of the Telkom DGL titles this Winter leg are required to reg...

Battlefield 4 Mobile Commander app is no more

26d ago | News | DICE has ended support for the Battlefield 4 mobile commander app.
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