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DICE is testing Battlefield 4 Night Maps, first screenshots revealed

8d ago | Screenshot | Check out the first screenshots from the night maps in Battlefield 4.

PS4, PS3, PS Vita Holiday Sale Week 4 Deals Revealed

3d ago | News | Save on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Battlefield 4, Alien: Isolation, and more this week.

Battlefield 4 Mod – Night Time Maps Showcase

4d ago | Article | With the recent introduction of the Halloween themed map on Pearl Market. Westie and other Youtub...

The worst PlayStation 4 games in the console’s first year

6d ago | Opinion piece | The worst PlayStation 4 games released during the consoles first year.

Save Big on PC Downloads With Gamestop Holiday Sale

2d ago | News | Hardcore Gamer - While Steam’s getting the lion...

Here’s what a few Battlefield 4 maps look like at night

5d ago | Video | If you wanted to see what some Battlefield 4 maps would look like if they were full-on night maps...

Upside Down LAV – Battlefield 4 Bonus Round

4d ago | Video | This Battlefield 4 video features funny and epic moments from the NxR clan on the maps Siege...

Are zombies coming to the Battlefield franchise?

27d ago | Rumor | The zombie mode is something that Call of Duty always had an edge on Battlefield. Now it could be...

AC Unity's Patch Shows What's Wrong With Today's Games

10d ago | Opinion piece | Whether you’re a fan the Assassin’s Creed series or not, you’ll know that Ubisoft released Assass...

Battlefield 4 Doesn't End With the Final Stand, Says DICE

18d ago | News | DICE has announced plans for future Battlefield 4 content, with the developer saying that the Fin...

Sixth ‘Battlefield 4′ DLC Pack To Be Announced Next Week

22d ago | News | 'Battlefield 4' producer David Sirland confirms that more DLC is on the way and could be announce...

Battlefield 4 Future DLC Confirmed and Pistol Only in Hardline

25d ago | Article | David Sirland revealed more information about future DLC’s for Battlefield 4 and Thaddeus Sasser...

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss Out on Battlefield 4’s Additional Content

18d ago | Opinion piece | Twinfinite's list of reasons why the decision of creating additional content for Battlefield 4 is...

EA Wants Your Input on Which Maps to Bring to Battlefield 4

18d ago | News | According to the Battlefield Battlelog, EA and...

7 Reasons Why the Battlefield Series Still Dominates the War FPS Genre

25d ago | Opinion piece | Twinfinite's reasons to explain why ever since Battlefield 1942, the Battlefield series has domin...

Battlefield 4 PC Digital Now Available For A Low Price On Game UK

10d ago | News | TC:" Battlefield 4 is one of the best first per...

All Glitches Should Be Scrutinized Equally

24d ago | Opinion piece | Game developers have been under heavy scrutiny lately for releasing incomplete and unpolishe...

Should We Preorder Games?

24d ago | Opinion piece | With as many games releasing in broken, or sometimes unplayable states, does it make sense t...

Battlefield 4 – How to Unlock The Target Detector

29d ago | Article | A guide to unlock the Target Detector by completing the Eye Spy Assignment from the Battlefi...
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