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User Review : Battlefield 3

  • Innovative
  • Good graphics
  • Destructive environment
  • Realism can be a nuisance
  • Hard to get used to

Dice or Die

Let me first start by saying Battlefield 3 is definitely a game worth getting. It's fun, it's fast-paced, it has its moments, but it can also be a real headache. I'm going to give my one hundred percent honest opinion and if you aren't a fan, feel free to not read any further than this. I enjoy Battlefield 3 because it's not Call of Duty. I think the fact that its different brings a lot more to the table than your redundant "who can kill whom faster or get the best killstreak" gameplay that Activision seems to implement in every shooter they make, including the Bond games. However, what I don't like about Battlefield 3 is what keeps me from playing the game unless I'm in the mood to actually sit there and commit a few hours to the online play.

I mentioned the online play first because that's all Battlefield 3 is really good for. The campaign is decent, but it's nothing to drop your pants for, nor is it really that interesting. I would have been much more content with just a simple playthrough as the story unfolds without much of the same duck-in-cover and progression that the campaign reiterates. I don't mean that to sound like I've never played a shooter before, since it's not that case - it just seems like the campaign doesn't offer much in the way of variety when compared to, well, Call of Duty. There aren't many "war" style games on the market aside from Medal of Honour, Battlefield and the Call of Duty franchises. Therefore, there's nothing really proper to compare to when it comes to what style you prefer. Then again, I haven't really gotten further than the first three quarters of Operation Guillotine in the campaign. Regardless, from what I've experienced already, I'm not exactly thrilled to continue.

The online play is like any other, but still somewhat different by comparison. With the best graphics I've seen in a war style shooter, destructive environments, usable vehicles, and fast-paced, strategy style gameplay, it proves to be far superior in the market. However, I honestly believe that the online play proves to be a challenge when you've twenty-four combatants running around like chickens on cocaine. Although, there's a silver lining to this thickened cloud; that being the fact that everyone playing, regardless of what style of match, has a strategy. It's what makes Battlefield 3 stand out - the game requires you to have a strategy or else you're going to get killed...a lot. It took me a bit of time to realize this, and as an angry gamer, I find that dying a lot of the time is discouraging, especially when everyone else is 4x or 5x your rank, with access to high-end weapons and attachments, while I'm stuck with a basic assault rifle with an ACOG and a Glock. But you learn to make use with what you have, and that's the point. It's realistic, intuitive, and stellar. Although it does get annoying shooting someone in the head with a sniper rifle and they kill you with a shot to the chest.

I honestly recommend Battlefield 3 to anyone who wants a change of pace in gaming. If you're a Call of Duty fan, I challenge you to step away from the fanboyism and give BF3 a go. You might be originally disappointed, but once you get used to the difference, it'll be hard to choose a favourite.

Fun Factor
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Hufandpuf2528d ago

I'm having a really hard time deciding whether I should approve this or not.

Blastoise2528d ago

Again I disagree with this review. I found some of the first weapons in the online to be some of the best, and it only takes a few kills with them to unlock the laser sights and grips. The graphics deserve more than an 7.5 even on consoles. I sort of agree with how you`ve described the vehicles, if the team is good enough you will be a target in a tank for engineers straight away. But if you`re a good enough driver you can just kill them as they take about 3 rockets to blow you up. I dont get what you mean by lack of variety, there is so much you can do in this game. So many guns, gadgets, tags, levels, vehicles and customisation that im not really sure what you wanted from an online shooter. As for the health thing I do perfectly fine just running round like a madman blowing up MCOM stations, you`ve just gotta go around the enemy or take a less than direct approach. If you go running down the middle of where everyone is you will just die and you wont be having too much fun. The campaign is rubbish but the multiplayer is great overall

Valenka2527d ago

After sitting back and rereading that review, I realized it wasn't fair and full as it should have been. It's been re-written and hopefully to approval standards.

Hufandpuf2526d ago

To author: Did you edit this review?

Valenka2523d ago

Yes. As I said in the above comment, I rewrote it.

Hufandpuf2523d ago

oh ok, it's actually good this time.