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User Review : Battlefield 3

  • Multiplayer
  • Graphics
  • Destruction
  • Story

Jets, Choppers, Tanks, and Foot soldiers.... BATTLEFIELD is where it's AT!

Battlefield is a game series that has a special place in many gamer hearts. I whom have been a hardcore Battlefield player since Battlefield 1942 on Pc I know the game very well.

Battlefield 3 uses the frostbite 2 engine which brings arguably the best graphics on a game. The destruction brought with the Frostbite 2 engine is the best ever seen in a game and I can say that with my head held high.

The animations used in battlefield 3 are very well done. They use animation tech originally used in many EA sports titles like FIFA and Madden and they make the game look very slick. In Battlefield 3 you see every gun shot hitch you while aiming down the sights adding realism to the game.

The return of jets brings battlefield back to it's roots with planes, something that was lacking in the bad company spin offs. The Jets fly very well in this game but they do take time to get master and deal some damage.

Battlefield has a variety of vehicles for you to play around with, tanks, jets, choppers, jeeps, boats, apc tanks and more.
This adds a lot to gameplay and makes you really have to think about what classes you choose, more on that later.

Story - The story of battlefield comes with many great set-pieces that are bound to be jaw dropping. The story starts with you control of a soldier called Blackburn. The story brings you to many great locations and have very good variety in the levels. You'll Sneak in one level, be a gunner in a Jet in another, and trying to stop a nuke from going off in another. The story is a very generic story in my opinion and I have felt like I've played it before. The story was too generic in my opinion but it was still decent.

Multiplayer - The multiplayer brings us the same game modes that we are used to in battlefield. Conquest, a basic capture the area game where teams fight to control points on the map.
Rush is a game mode where the Defending team protects 2 M'Com stations on the map and to not let the attacking team to destroy the points. If the points are destroyed the game is not over yet because the game will be pushed back further in the map and again 2 new m'com stations open up and a new portion of the map where battle will take place and this will continue till you reach the last and final M'Com Station. The Defending team can only win by defending the m'com stations by killing the attackers till the they are all dead.
Team deathmatch is a great gamemode and very basic mode that most of us are all used to. In TDM the spawns are much quicker and the games also end faster and more intense.
In Multiplayer you're in Squads of 4 where you can spawn on each other making using that to your advantage and coordinating attacks.
Destruction adds a new dimension of gameplay if you never played the bad company series. You cannot hide without your wall being blown up, you really have to think more with destruction being a big part in the game as a whole house can come falling down on you if it's damaged enough.

Great Classes!
Recon - Basic sniper class that can be used to kill from a distance, scout troops on the map, assist your team with motion sensors, and putting your own spawns on the map.
Assault- This is one of the most essential classes in the game. You are equipped with grenade launchers, assault rifles, Medkits that help your team heal faster, and defibrillator that revive your teammates.
Engineer- This is the anti vehicle class equipped with rifles, Rocket launchers, Repair tools to fix vehicles, and anti tank mines.
Support- This class is equipped with LMG guns, C4, and the most important tool in the game... Ammo to share with your teamates.

The sounds in this game are unbeatable. You hear bullets wizz by your head. Explosions ding your ears. Gun sounds are ultra realistic.
The gameplay is so much fun in this game. Vehicles warfare in this game is incomparable to any other.
Fun Factor
Fun Factor is a 8/10 simply because of the story. I found it very bland.
If your playing 24 players on consoles or 64 on Pc your bound to have fun online.
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bwazy2549d ago

Eh I suppose, although currently the amount of campers in the game far exceeds the amount even in COD. Taking a break from BF3, probably get back into it during the new year.

coolbeans2549d ago

Would this be considered your Game of the Year, Stolensoul?

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2549d ago

No, Skyrim hold that honor. Shooter of the year yes.

BattleAxe2549d ago

Wow, some people are easily pleased.

Goeres2548d ago

Yea, some are even pleased with the same game year after year :S dun dun