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User Review : Battlefield 3

  • Fresh Gameplay
  • Graphics
  • Incredible Sound
  • Connection Issues
  • Campaign

The Best Multiplayer Game Since Call of Duty 4 and Halo 2

Here it goes:

-Mediocre Campaign: The Campaign looked promising in the trailers and demos, but it failed to achieve much. It gets very boring after a few short missions, the game on normal difficulty is WAY too difficult, and the ending is just terrible in my opinion. It has its moments, but not enough.

-Decent Co-Op: The Co-Op missions are alright. Nothing out of this world, but worth a playthrough with a friend. But he best part of the Co-Op mode is that you can unlock exclusive weapons for the multiplayer via Co-Op.

-INCREDIBLE Multiplayer: Like all of the series' games, the multiplayer in BF3 is fantastic. The maps are large, open, and unique. And the Jets are a huge reason to keep playing, and the amount of unlocks in the game is enormous. The MP is just fun. Period. It beats all of the other multiplayer offerings found in the entire franchise and it is by far the best multiplayer game since COD4 and Halo 2.

-It sounds and looks like you're actually in a Battlefield: Fan-freaking-tastic sound design. When a jet activates its afterburners as it flies right above you, you WILL be impressed. The graphics are a bit of a let-down for console users, the game does not look very similar to what you've seen in the trailers.

-Great Gameplay: The game fuses the best features of Bad Company 2's gameplay and Battlefield 2's gameplay to create something very fresh and new. It's not perfect though.

The game's campaign is a pretty weak and the Co-Op is a nice addition. But the real reason to get this game is the Multiplayer. If you don't have a PSN or Xbox Live account and plan on buying this game for its single player, don't. But if you are able to play this game online, there is absolutely no reason for you to skip this game. Its well worth the $60 for the MP alone. Buy this game, you will not be disappointed.

On PS3, the game looks very similar to Bad Company 2. There's a few texture pop-in issues and some minor screen tearing as well, but the most noticeable improvement is the lighting.
Like Bad Company 2, this game sounds amazing. The music, the sound effects, it's perfection. If you're playing with surround sound or gaming headphones, you're in for a treat.
Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 2 had a baby.
Fun Factor
This is by far the funnest FPS that has come out in a very long time.
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RegorL2234d ago

BF3 only looks similar to BFBC2 because BFBC2 was set in an environment it could handle. But if you look at the detail I am pretty sure BF3 wins even the graphics by a wide margin.

First play BF3 trying to take a good look on everything
(don't play - just look. At distance, close up. outdoors, indoors)

Then play BFBC2 doing the same.

I think you will notice more differences when going back to BFBC2.

XFON2233d ago

this got accepted? what a weak 'review'.

ElDorado2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

Call of Duty 4 was overrated, people were hating on the original classic Battlefield: Bad Company 1 (which is absolutely amazing) and praising CoD4 to the heavens. Both BC's were better than CoD 4 and BF3 is even more better. The only thing which isn't that good is the campaign, they should have just made this a multiplayer only game. The multiplayer is superior to BC2's multiplayer.

How does this game look like Bad Company? The environments are totally different, the design is way more creative (In BC2 a lot of buildings looked the same), prone is back, health is back to how it was in the original Battlefield-series. The one thing we miss is that there are no commanders. The only thing Battlefield and BC have in common is the destruction, and also the fact that the game is on consoles (does this make it less of a great game (?))

Hufandpuf2232d ago

Cod 4 was not overhyped. Everything after it was overhyped. Bad company at that point was the first serious battlefield game dice was makeing for consoles and it would be pointless to generate too much hype on a game that became geared toward a niche community. Regardless i logged in hundreds of hours in bfbc, and believed bfbc was much better than cod4, later on i realized that cod 4 was amazing and bc could only give you the multiplayer whereas COD4 could deliver the whole package. And that's what counts.

ElDorado2232d ago

I disagree. Bad Company 2 surpassed Bad Company in almost every way. SP was the only thing to me that was better in BC, BC2's wasn't bad, but BC singleplayer had a lot of humor and the gameplay in general was a lot of fun. It was short (still longer than CoD4). Bad Company to me is a lot better, weird you say that about the only thing that could grab you was the MP, since SP was awesome and to me way better than CoD4's. I admit CoD4 was a great game, but not THAT great. There have been a lot of shooters that are better this gen: Killzone 2&3, Both BC's, Borderlands, Resistance 1, 2& 3 and more.