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Are PC Gamers Stuck-up?

1305d ago ... I'm sure plenty of you who will click on this blog have already decided to flame me or are currently thinking of smart responses. That's okay, but let's talk. Now, I'm not one to call people out on every mistake (too often), but some gamers I'll just never understand, but perhaps that's a good thing. If I did, I might as well not call myself a gamer anymore. I recently read an article that EA...

This Autumn is more than just Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3

1321d ago ... For as long as I can remember I don’t think we’ve ever had such a variety of great games to look forward to as we do for this Autumn. Just read this: Deus Ex: Human Revolutions Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception Gears of War 3 Assassins Creed: Relevations Batman: Arkham City Resistance 3 Battlefield 3 COD: Modern Warfare 3 Forza Motorsport 4 Rage Dead Island S...

Game A Vs. Game B, or Game X Compared To Game Y.

1328d ago ... Well, if you've ever been on the front page, then you've seen some of these type articles. They can range from comparing the Grand theft auto series to Saints Row, or Battlefield 3 to Modern Warfare 3, and of course the Xbox 360 Exclusive to the PS3 Exclusive type of articles. I am not comparing any game to another game, no that's not what I wanted to address in this blog, rather I wanted to...

Why (I think) Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Will Suck

1334d ago ... I'm sure many of you are looking forward to BF3 and think it will be awesome. I'm sure many of you are also console players and did not get the oppurtunity to play Battlefield 2/2142 in their prime. Well I am here to express my OPINION on why Battlefield 3 will be more like Bad Company 3. Of course, no one can know for sure until this October. First off, I am disappointed to hear that the Co...

We are yet to experience true next gen

1342d ago ... There are a lot of articles at the moment talking about next gen. This has mainly been triggered by Battlefield 3 and Crysis 2 DX11. Some are saying that these games are next gen, including the developers of Crysis, Crytek, but I would personally rubbish these claims. I must explain that, to me a generation in gaming is dictated by new consoles. PS1 was a generation from PS2 and PS2 was a gener...

Some Criticism for LA Noire

1350d ago ... Okay... E3's over, PSN's back up (even if my free PSP games are lost to the void because of a programming error a high school freshman studying BASIC would have picked up on) and the Rapture didn't happen. Now unless Battlefield 3 devs announce something like having one less texture in the PS3 version or something of equal earth-shattering importance, I should be able to make a post stay up on...

The Cod Days Are Over ?

1353d ago ... I think most gamer's can agree with me ,when i say that the Call Of Duty franchise is one, or maybe the most successful series in gaming history. Every year there is another instant into the series and every year the new game break every sales record in the book. But with the game play getting slightly stale and other titles like Battlefield 3 arriving on the scene. It seems Call of duty could...

E3 2011 is a big disappointment !

1362d ago ... What ???? How come it is a disappointment ? PS VITA , Wii U, Assasins's Creed Revelations, Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Mass Effect 3, Elder Scrolls Skyrim, Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3, Tomb Raider and much more... No guys it's a disappointment. And a HUGE one. * Now tell me who did not expect Sony to unveil PS VITA ? We already knew it was coming. It's not a big deal. Okay, PS VITA is...

Next-Gen Consoles Need to be Truly Future Proof

1363d ago ... As I was watching the Battlefield 3 demo at E3 this year I needed a bucket to catch the drool running from my dropped jaw. The lighting, the atmosphere, the sounds; everything about this game made me want to run to the nearest mountain top and scream out that I was pre-ordering this sexy beast. Then I hoped onto the live stream of EA’s Battlefield 3 event and watched two hours of multiplayer ma...

EA = Best Publisher of 2011?

1469d ago ... Electronic Arts, in 2011, are amongst the best of the best. We can draw conclusions upon who will win GOTY but no other publisher has as many AAA games coming out this year except for Sony. I won't be focusing on Sony in this blog however. Firstly, look at the list of EA only games: Mass Effect 2 Bulletstorm Dead Space 2 Crysis 2 Darkspore Battlefield 3 Need For Speed Shift 2 EA Sp...

Battlefield 3 shows consoles age.

1488d ago ... With the new battlefield 3 being released Fall 2011, some information was given out to the public. We learn that the PC version has an impressive 64 player multiplayer, while the console version has a 12v12 mode. EA has stated that the current generation of consoles can not handle the Frostbite 2 engine they have incorporated with the game. The graphics are better, the destructible environment...

This year is D-Day for the Battlefield series on PC

2120d ago ... Battlefield 2 veterans have been looking forward to a Battlefield 3 announcement for four years. But with no news again this year could the Battlefield franchise be in danger of going downhill?
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