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Does Christmas Affect Games' Immersion?

583d ago ... Hello and welcome to my Christmas blog for N4G. I am here to talk about Christmas theme being integral to certain video games like Batman Arkham Origin, and if it did any effect on the games' plots overall or not. Let us start, shall we? Christmas is a great tradition of the year in our lives on Earth. Many parents pretend to be Santa Clause to get gifts for their children with their hard ea...

Sony’s E3 Show and Rating

777d ago ... Sony has had it easy thus far with the PS4, thanks to the competition’s fumbles. So did they take it easy at E3 or did they kill it. Jack Trenton: Yes by this point due to all the gifs the PlayStation bosses are celebrities. Jack comes out and thanks the fans and gives a quick overview of the PS3, PS Vita, and PS4. It’s nice, but let’s get to the games Jack. Batman Origins Counter Sp...
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