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Batman: Arkham Kn... All Stories  

Now Leaving Gotham City: Where does Rocksteady go next?

21h ago - The Arkham series of games that started with Batman: Arkham Asylum is now officially over. So whe... | PC

Batman: Arkham Knight Is A Brilliant Use Of An Unpopulated Open World

21h ago - GI Batman: Arkham Knight delivers on many fronts, including the best narrative found in the se... | PC

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GamesAsylum - Batman: Arkham Knight - Review

22h ago - GamesAsylum: "The Joker is dead. Just in case your memory needs a jog, Rocksteady’s final entry i... | PC

Batman: Arkham Knight, Arkham Episodes Harley Quinn Story Pack (AverageNobody's PS4 Review)

23h ago - The Harley Quinn Story Pack was another pre-order bonus for Batman: Arkham Knight, however unlike... | PS4

Batman: Arkham Knight Review – Arkham Trite | The Jimquisition

23h ago - Batman: Arkham Knight is a letdown on several fronts. While it sports some terrific highlights,... | PC

PC ports are consistently shoddy, and it's embarrassing

1d ago - Gabe Carey writes, "With a video game as polished and well-received as Batman: Arkham Knight on t... | PC

VGU Talks: Batman Arkham Knight’s Outsourced Development

1d ago - With the release of Batman Arkham Knight on PC being removed from stores due to its poor developm... | PC

Gaming Trend: Soaring high — Batman: Arkham Knight review

1d ago - The Arkham series was one of the most influential franchises during the last generation. Batman:... | PS4

Batman Arkham Knight review: a near-flawless finale to a grand trilogy | SMH

1d ago - Fans of the previous games who were disappointed by Arkham Origins should have no fear: Rockstea... | PC

Arkham Knight's Batmobile - The Dangers of Over-reliance on One Mechanic

1d 1h ago - Gamemoir's Nick D. explains how the batmobile is actually Batman’s greatest nemesis. | PC

Batman: Arkham Knight - Leviathyn Review

1d 2h ago - Leviathyn's take on the finale to Rocksteady's Arkham trilogy. | PC

Batman : Arkham Knight Review - Arcade Wednesday

1d 3h ago - Arkham Knight is an astonishing end to the Arkham trilogy. This is the biggest Batman game to dat... | Xbox One

10 Easter Eggs in Batman: Arkham Knight You May Have Missed

1d 11h ago - Arkham Knight is rammed full of Easter eggs referencing to Batman and the rest of the DC Universe... | PC

8BC 54 | The Podcast You Deserve, But Don’t Need

1d 12h ago - Liam says, "Welcome to episode 54 of 8BitChatter! Just when E3 had us both excited for the future... | PC

Batman: Arkham Knight Review | 8BitChimp

1d 12h ago - Noah says, "It’s the start of another long, oppressively bleak and restless knight (ha, puns) for... | PC

This Batman: Arkham Origins Cosplay Is Awesome

1d 12h ago - There are Batman cosplayers, and then there's THIS. | Culture

Batman Arkham Knight review I Xbox Players

1d 13h ago - So Batman is back but who is Arkham Knight, we review Batman on Xbox One | Xbox One

Batman: Arkham Knight – 5 Perfect Moments (And 5 That Sucked)

1d 13h ago - WC Can you remember the last time a major game released and thoroughly divided gamers so much... | PC

The Voice Acting is Incredible

1d 14h ago - MGL: After my first impressions article on Being The Batman yesterday, I am now moving onto so... | PC

Review: Batman: Arkham Knight - Connected Digital World

1d 14h ago - Connected Digital World writes: The final part of the trilogy (yeah I know lets just forget about... | PS4

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Batman: Arkham Knight Review - Arcane

1d 15h ago - James Pungello of Arcane reviews the latest installment in the Batman Arkham franchise. | PS4

5 Ways Batman: Arkham Knight Effortlessly Delivers To Fan Expectations

1d 16h ago - While many highly anticipated video games end up disappointing people when the reality of the gam... | PC

Batman: Arkham Knight Review | GAW

1d 17h ago - Kyle K. of Gamer Assault Weekly spent countless hours getting 100% completion on the final instal... | PC

Seven Great Moments and Elements in the Arkham Series

1d 18h ago - With Arkham Knight just released, Rocksteady’s action-adventure has come to a close. So with that... | PC

Batman Arkham Knight PC No Patch vs With Patch Graphics Comparison Video

1d 18h ago - A direct feed HD/Youtube video which compares Batman Arkham Knight PC before it was patched on Ju... | PC

Batman: Arkham Knight

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