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User Review : Batman: Arkham City

  • Highly responsive combat
  • Enough deep voices to satisfy comic book fantasies
  • Robin doesn't appear much
  • Batarangs may as well of been made out of rubber
  • Detective mode was more Captain obvious mode
  • Harley Quinn's voice.

Back once again with the paragon master.

You'd never normally see me playing any kind of superhero game, To me they always had the comic book feel to them complete with “BOOM” captions to draw in the child like a pensioner to Werther's Original. Leading the kid to go outside and attempt wing chung on an innocent bystander, but apparently that's anti-social behaviour order territory now.

But with Arkham City, the latest installation of Batman gliding around the noir setting of Gotham beating the stereotypical New York City accent villain to a pulp, allowing them to recuperate and continue their wicked ways a week later after intensive care treatment, I can safely say it has changed my perspective on the masked vigilante front. Along with how Bruce Wayne actually goes about the course of justice.

If we look at it, it must be staggering being Batman, he spends all his time chasing down psychopathic serial killers and violent thugs to do what? Touch them up a bit with his non- lethal boomerangs which he renamed to avoid copyright. In hope that they change their ways, the feed the world method. Why not carry some aspirin for them as well Desperate Dan Chin-Man for after you give them a concussion in that never ending utility belt of yours, just leave two doses per body. Mary Poppins' handbag's got nothing on you. Sorry I agreed with Joker entirely on this one wanting Batman to just start a killstreak, suck it all you paragons that think extermination is immoral. Try being a superhero then get back to me the week after covered in sweat calling in the carpet bomb.

The free-flow combat system given to us once again after the previous game (New and improved with go faster stripes) will make you think you will be able to predict when someone takes a swing at you in real life...When you know in fact every brawl that ever occurs outside bars would just be a stalemate until one guy notices a load of flashing streaks above the others head. This is where the wing chung comes in. You'll never be afraid to take on 10 or more guys at once (In Arkham City, not outside a bar). If anything you're encourage to hear that bone crunching punch to the victims pancreas. Or in Batman's case picking on 7 foot clowns with one arm. Realistically the only method of winning this contest would be to challenge him to a game of ping pong or tennis, I bet he's brilliant at both anyway.

Onto allies. I'm surprised that Alfred hasn't already started quoting Danny Glover. Catwoman has yet to be sponsored by Felix or have the arch-nemesis Dogman and Robin is, well you've seen it yourself, Robin. Even Nightwing realised eventually what he looked like, although it doesn't help he carries gadgets entitled 'Wing Ding' and 'Enema Stick'. But equipped with this phone book of wingmen Batman still seems to do everything alone, Actually with that said you wouldn't really leave it all to Acrobat boy whilst you had a day off to go fishing. Extreme Bodily Harm would be a mild crime at that point.

It's probably time to touch on the narrative, Rocksteady Studios did something quite spectacular here in my opinion by keeping the same feel of the comic franchise with the re-appearing characteristics of villains like Mr. Freeze and Penguin but infusing it with the explosive entertainment expected of today's games without making it overly cheesy or Robin making worrying passing remarks to Batman, arms length is always close enough...It's like Rocksteady wanted to remain true to the DC name and it's something to admire. All in all it makes me look forward to their next project.

However with the good work that Rocksteady did I still can't find myself agreeing with the development of pre-release DLC Catwoman, or DLC on release date at all. It just basically says “We'll give you some of the game, but if you want a bit more cough up” DLC after release when properly developed and substantial in terms of that particular game should always be worth the extra money, because your getting extra. Development at the same time of the game and purposefully separating it in order to bring in more after-work drinking session tokens is essentially the game companies performing a certain deliverance scene on their consumers, but then again that isn't going to stop you is it EA?! *Finish Credits*.

I'd of been a little worried if they had used something like the Frostbite 2 engine for this game, but Rocksteady chose wisely the Unreal engine and really pushed the boundaries to immerse us in the Batman world.
The music at the start screen was excellently placed, leading to the dark and moody atmospheric composure when roaming Arkham City, although a lot of this was replaced by sometimes awful voice acting.
Gliding around alone made the game fun enough to go out and buy, initiative take on Batman's array of gadgets use in and out of combat.
Fun Factor
As well crafted as the finish product is it leaves little room for the expected contemporary replay value of games, unless you were to buy all of the DLC of course.
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coolbeans2241d ago

"Harley Quinn's Voice"

While I can't stand the pitch either, I think it was the right decision to infuse her persona with that level of campiness. Although I haven't read the first comics in which she's introduced, I've always imagined her being that way.

Enjoyable read btw.

UnderageSalmon2241d ago

Thanks man good to know you it entertained :) Yeah i suppose i have to agree with you on that it would hardly be fair to give her anything but that wail. wouldn't really fit the bill, people would definitely have something to say if she was voiced by sigourney weaver or something anyway.

LtSkittles2239d ago

She was first introduced on the animated series, voiced by Arleen Sorkin, and was voiced by her in Arkham Asylum.

coolbeans2239d ago

Wow, I figured she was around much longer than that.

Commander-Koslun2241d ago

Good stuff, man. Very enjoyable read.

L30N4KU2240d ago

I though some of the Bosses weren't so great, apart from mister Freeze, he was ok.

Valenka2240d ago

I certainly wouldn't have given it a 10.

Kingdom Come2240d ago

As an avid fan of comics, I found the story to be somewhat lackluster in many places. Whilst the concept of a Prison City is incredibly intriguing, it's nothing new, with Alex Ross' terrific "Kingdom Come" having a greatly similar plotline and much more engaging story.

As for the graphics, 10 is incredibly generous, whilst the art design in places is terrific, technically, the game is average.

The most disappointing aspect of the game is it's side-quests, all of which hardly develop upon the characters of who feature within them. Also, they're short in both number and length. Also, the side-quests seem to be establishing the story for the third game rather than expanding the story of City.

I think for the third game to perfect the formula in which Rocksteady have used for Asylum and City we need a greater plot (Hire comic writers such as Brian Azzerello and Grant Morrison for the main plotline and other successful writers for the side quests). Improved graphics (technically), expansive quest lines and Gotham City.