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Demos Worth Downloading Part 1

1087d ago ... Depending on Feedback and Pending approval, there will be a part 2. These mini evaluations are an effort to be as objective as possible but some bias may seep through. Nevertheless, I hope this post is informative and helpful. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Game: Batman Arkham City Available On: Playstation 3, Xbox 360 Size: 1.32GB Summary: The...

2011 big year in gaming!

1622d ago ... 2011 will no doubt be one of the biggest years in gaming this generation! Featuring games such as Mass Effect 3, Uncharted 3, Portal 2, Elder Scrolls V, Killzone 3, Gears of War 3, Forza 4, Batman Arkham City, Little Big Planet... Must I go on? PS3, xbox360, PC, who wins? Everyone.(Unfortunately there have been no very big Nintendo games announced, but in time they will be.) But what i...

The PS3 will be my most played system

1663d ago ... The holiday and 2011 is already packed with games, and many more unannounced titles will be seeing the light of day next year. But after making a list of games I'm looking forward to I noticed the PS3 completely dominates every other system and category. Here's a list of everything I'm looking forward to. PS3 PlayStation Move Gran Turismo 5 Little Big Planet 2 Killzone 3 Infamous...
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AU October 2011
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