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Top 5 Wii U Third Party Games

257d ago - Zack at Gamer Thoughts gives you his five favorite Wii U third party games, that he has played. B... | Wii U

Top Ten Best Wii U Games Released So Far

592d ago - "Yes, yes. We know. "Wii U actually has ten games, much more ten that are actually worth playing!... | Wii U

Games Deserving a Wii U Makeover

595d ago - Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation Some love it, some hate it: many "hit titles" for the Wii U are ac... | Wii U

Top Five Batman Games of All Time

616d ago - SuperPhillip Central writes, "The announcement of not one but two new Batman games (Batman: Arkha... | GameCube

Are you bored?

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Wii U deserves better than year old ports

638d ago - "The Wii U has a problem. It isn’t the lack of games. Well, that is part of it. The issue is that... | Wii U

Late to the Party - Batman Arkham City: Armoured Edition

680d ago - Reuben finds that one of the best launch titles for the Wii U isn't a Nintendo title. | Wii U

10 Essential Games For Your New Wii U

722d ago - Assuming you've been very good this year, many of you will have been blessed with shiny new Wii U... | Wii U

Best Wii U Games | Official Nintendo Magazine

722d ago - Wii U is released in the UK on 30 November and although you may have already pre-ordered your con... | Wii U

Christmas: Visit Calendar Man in Batman: Arkham City

722d ago - Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation GoozerNation wraps up it's year-long series of reminders to help g... | PC

5 Can't-Miss Wii U Games

739d ago - It remains to be seen whether Nintendo's new Wii U console will spark frantic... | Wii U

The Five Best Wii U Launch Games

743d ago - "First announced well over a year ago – at the E3 expo in June of 2011, in fact – Nint... | Wii U

Face-Off: Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition on Wii U

750d ago - EuroGamer: "The Dark Knight returns: Digital Foundry presents its take on Batman's debut on the n... | Wii U

Post Arcade’s Ultimate Wii U Game Guide

755d ago - The Financial Post's Post Arcade tests, rates more than a dozen Wii U launch games. | Wii U

Better With Wii U? – Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition

756d ago - BT writes: The Wii U is launching with roughly half a billion games. You don’t have the time t... | PC

Nintendo Wii U Launch Games Trailer Round-up

758d ago - GameDynamo - "Nintendo Wii U has arrived in North America, so we've decided to get a selection of... | Wii U

Full List of Wii U Games Revealed | Total Revue

766d ago - With the UK Wii U launch of November 30th getting very close indeed, excitement for the new Ninte... | Wii U

Top 8 Wii U Launch Titles

773d ago - gamrReview: "The next Nintendo home console is just around the corner and we're getting pretty ex... | Wii U

PixlBit's NYCC Wii U Round Up

778d ago - PixlBit | "At New York Comic Con 2012, one of the biggest spectacles on the show floor was the Ni... | Wii U

Best Wii U launch games to buy, and which ones you should avoid

788d ago - Gimme Gimme Games outlines the Wii U launch day games you should purchase like New Super Mario Br... | Wii U

Five Awesome Controller Passing Games

796d ago - KJ of Play Legit Writes "Those who don’t mind passing the controller, this is the list. The greed... | PC

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The Wii U is a stopgap at best

820d ago - The Wii U is a step up from its predecessor, but is that enough to keep pace with the market? | Wii U

Gaming Opinion: Wii U Release and Date

821d ago - Rodolfo from writes: Now that we know the important release info for the Wii U,... | Wii U

Is the Nintendo Wii U Worth the Price?

825d ago - Now that the official launch details are here, TechNewsDaily weighs in on whether the Wii U is wo... | Wii U

Games That Rocksteady Could Make Instead of Batman

875d ago - Rocksteady's Batman games are amazing. If they wanted to stop, though, what should they focus on... | PC

Wii U Has an Achilles’ Heel: Third-Parties Don’t Know How to Use It

877d ago - Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has said that third-parties have had more support in terms of uti... | Wii U
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