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User Review : Bastion

  • Amazing narration
  • Unique combat
  • Health System in Combat
  • Repetition
  • Not much Replay Value

I sit down and revisit this beautiful game

The amount of content is staggering, and the storyline/narration are stellar.
When you start a New Game, you start out on a small platform that has nothing more than a bed and some knick-knacks. However, it's the only place for you to call home. After the Calamity, not much was left, and the only way The Kid(the hero) can even traverse his way across the skies is because the City Crest he has on his back makes tiles rise under his feet to form a path to walk on. We go through the tutorial and we end up in the Bastion(home base).We meet Rucks, the narrator, who is telling the story in the past tense(i.e. it happened a while ago) and he seems like a nice old man.

We then procede to build one of the game's 6 structures (Distillery, Forge, Arsenal, Lost And Found, Shrine, and Memorial) and we use it. In my case, I chose the Distillery, which allows me to change out my Spirits. Spirits are Bastion's version of Passive Bonuses, and they run the gamut from +15% critical chance at full health, to increase the amount of times you can Carry On(revive). Then, we leave the Bastion to start finding Cores to repair the Bastion to it's former glory. And we're going to need to beat up a few Windbags(Main baddies) to get those Cores.

We do this with the massive array of weapons that Bastion has. You have things like the Brusher's Pike, the Army Carbine, and the Calamity Cannon. There are also Skills(Things like Trapper Snare, Whirl Wind, and Trip Mine) which require Black Tonics to use. Drinking Health Tonics will heal you, and one certain Spirit(Bastion Bourbon) makes Health Tonics heal you to full. You can carry only 3 Health Tonics and Black Tonics at the start of the game.

However, when it comes to combat, Bastion has its faults. One of my peeves during combat is the Health Display for foes. It's a circle(Think No More Heroes 2) and while it doesn't make a difference when fighting weak foes, it's definitely a nuisance when fighting a strong foe as you can't see how much health they have left. After we get all the Cores(and then all the Shards), we end the game on a happy note and have the option to start a New Game+. While the New Game+ has its benefits(Get to keep all your gear), it's not fun to do the same thing over and over again.
In conclusion, Bastion is a wonderful game and should be bought and played as soon as possible.

Very nicely detailed backgrounds, but it can be a little heavy on the eyes after a while of playing.
Rucks's voice. I think that's enough.
Even with all the Weapons and Spirits the game has to offer, it starts to get repetitive. However, it manages to make repetition fun!
Fun Factor
Very fun at first, but starts to get boring near the end.
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chadboban1813d ago

I swear to God the first time I heard "Build That Wall" play in the game, I got chills. Sooo Goood!