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RealGamer: Bakushow Review

2266d ago - RealGamer writes: "Bakushow: Challenge Your Friends is something very different indeed…for s... | 5

Eurogamer: DS Roundup Reviews

2363d ago - Eurogamer has posted their DS roundup which features 3 DS titles. The scores are as follows.... | 5

Do You Suffer From Open World Fatigue?

Now - The open-world format has become prevalent, is it too much? | Promoted post

Den of Geek: Bakushow Review

2365d ago - Robert Mclaughlin writes: "A mix of Family Fortunes, Wario Party and numerous other Wii... | 5

Games Xtreme: Bakushow Review

2388d ago - The lack of other options such as minigames or different modes means you'll be reaching for the o... | 5

GameZine: Bakushow Review

2389d ago - GameZine writes: "As an adult, I think Bakushow's main purpose will be, unfortunately for th... | 5

PlayTM: Bakushow Review

2390d ago - PlayTM writes: " If I said to you there was a new DS game coming out that was multiplayer on... | 5

Thunderbolt Review: Bakushow for DS

2393d ago - The decision to release a multiplayer only quiz title for the DS is something that will lead many... | 5

Zentendo: Bakushow Review

2394d ago - Bakushow is really as good as the people that it's played with; fortunately, Zentendo played it w... | 5

Nidzumi Bakushow Review: Pictochat Enhanced

2397d ago - Nidzumi writes: "One thing I've noticed is that with gaming sometimes all it takes is a simp... | 5

GamesWeasel: Bakushow Review

2401d ago - For being a fully functional quiz creator with absolutely no frills or single player mode we have... | 5

Pocket Gamer: Bakushow Review

2402d ago - Imagine being commissioned to review your three closest friends. A full few hundred words giving... | 5

TVG: Bakushow Review

2405d ago - Marginally more than Picto-Chat which comes free with every DS, there's literally nothing that TV... | 5

VG Reloaded: Bakushow Review

2408d ago - If the game had any real modes then VG Reloaded would have got into detail about them, but Bakush... | 5

Electronic Theatre In-depth Review: Bakushow

2408d ago - Rising Star Games' latest release, a NintendoDS exclusive title, Bakushow (taglined "Challen... | 5,11,13,14

ONM Review: Bakushow

2409d ago - ONM writes: "It's possibly the laziest development concept for a videogame ever: a quiz show... | 5
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