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Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Defenders of the Core Announced for Fall

1788d ago - Activision is pleased to announce today the fall release of Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Defenders of... | Nintendo DS

Crispy Gamer: Games for Lunch: Bakugan: Battle Brawlers

1933d ago - Crispy Gamerr writes: "0:00 The back of the box promises that "This is Bakugan like nev... | 1,2,5

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XGN: Bakugan: Battle Brawlers Review

1963d ago - XGN writes: "Bakugan is yet another animated series that the success of Pokemon trying to li... | 1,2

PSFocus: Bakugan: Battle Brawlers Review

1969d ago - PSFocus writes: "Monsters, maps and competition: it looks like an inexhaustible formula that... | 1,2

DGS-Online: Bakugan Battle Brawlers Review

1972d ago - DGS-Online writes: "Monsters, anime maps and chaps. For years developers unfamiliar harass c... | 1,2,3,9

Batman: Arkham Asylum, The Beatles: Rock Band, and Band Hero $30

1974d ago - The Microsoft store has a few Xbox 360 games on sale for $30 which include Batman: Arkham Asylum,... | 2

Level7 Review: Bakugan: Battle Brawlers (Xbox 360)

1976d ago - Level7: Bakugan Battle Brawlers is yet another example of a Japanese cartoon moving format and wi... | 2

Tech-Gaming: Bakugan: Battle Brawlers Review

1976d ago - From an adult point of view, the lack of variety and frustrating motion controls make Bakugan: Ba... | 1,2,3

XXLGaming - Bakugan Battle Brawlers Review

1981d ago - XXLGaming writes, "Overall, if you love Bakugan then maybe you add this to your collection a... | 2

Console Monster: Bakugan: Battle Brawlers Review

1990d ago - Console Monster writes: "Before playing Bakugan: Battle Brawlers, I had no idea what Bakugan... | 1,2,3

Holiday Shopping Guide 2009: Top 10 Video Games for Kids

1992d ago - "When confronted with lists of games from children, nephews, nieces, and cou... | 1,2,3,4,5,12

Games2C: Bakugan: Battle Brawlers Review

1994d ago - A game based on a cocktail of toys and cartoons is always going to offer a mix bag – a hit with f... | 2,3

YLG: Bakugan: Battle Brawlers Review (360)

1997d ago - YLG writes: "I avoided Pokemon when it crossed the seas and walked into my childhood, the th... | 2

BM: Bakugan Battle Brawlers Review

2005d ago - BM writes: "Although my 25-year-old brain isn't entirely sure what I played and why I was pl... | 1,2,3

MSXB - Bakugan Battle Brawlers screens/movies

2006d ago - Msxbox-World posted some exclusive screenshots and movies from Activision's Bakugan: Battle Brawl... | 1,2,3

Game Guy Review: Bakugan: Battle Brawlers

2006d ago - News 10 writes: "The game starts out with a brief history of the Bakugan universe. Mysteriou... | 1,2,3

Game Boyz: Bakugan Battle Brawlers (360) Review

2007d ago - Game Boyz writes: "Up until Bakugan Battle Brawlers arrived at my home office, I had no idea... | 2

MSXbox World: Bakugan Battle Brawlers Review

2007d ago - Bakugan is a welcome game and one that is entertaining to play especially if you're a fan. There'... | 2

Kombo: Bakugan: Battle Brawlers Review

2007d ago - Fans of Bakugan will certainly like this game. There are some liberties taken with the rules but... | 1,2,3,5,9

Game Vortex: Bakugan: Battle Brawlers 360 Review

2008d ago - Game Vortex writes: "Do you remember the beginning of the inexorable spread of Pokemon? What... | 2

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TGN: Bakugan Battle Brawlers Review

2011d ago - Bakugan Battle Brawlers is the latest franchise to jump from the card game to the the video game... | 1,2

Game Guys Review: "Bakugan: Battle Brawlers" for Xbox360

2015d ago - The game starts out with a brief history of the Bakugan universe. Mysterious cards fall from the... | 2

GamerDad: Bakugan: Battle Brawlers Review

2017d ago - As they say in the business, Bakugan is 'hot' right now. More than 55 million Bakugan toys were s... | 1,2,3,5

CSM: Bakugan: Battle Brawlers Review

2017d ago - Based on the popular television show and card game, both of which are geared for young boys, BAKU... | 1,2,3,5

GameZone: Bakugan Battle Brawlers 360 Review

2017d ago - GameZone writes: "A little over one decade ago, Pokémon ignited the world of monster RP... | 2
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Bakugan: Battle Brawlers

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Release Dates
Nintendo DS Release Dates
EU 23 October 2009
US 20 October 2009
AU 28 October 2009
PS2 Release Dates
EU 23 October 2009
US 20 October 2009
AU 28 October 2009
PS3 Release Dates
EU 23 October 2009
US 20 October 2009
AU 28 October 2009
Wii Release Dates
EU 23 October 2009
US 20 October 2009
AU 28 October 2009
Xbox 360 Release Dates
EU 23 October 2009
US 20 October 2009
AU 28 October 2009