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Bad Bots Review | GIZORAMA

655d ago - GIZORAMA - Bad Bots is about as classic of a platform shooter as there can be, and that’s not nec... | PC

Bad Bots Review | STFUandPlay

667d ago - STFUandPlay's Brian Munjoma writes; "The 2D side scrolling genre has seen a sharp decline sinc... | PC

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Bad Bots Review - Gaming Nexus

670d ago - From the review: "Sure the old-school visuals look nice but within the first 10 minutes, you've p... | PC

Bad Bots Review | ComboCaster

680d ago - In Bad Bots will follow Sam McRae, the last survivor of the Titan Team Hauler. In this game the h... | PC

Bad Bots Review [Capsule Computers]

693d ago - Oli Nejad from Capsule Computers wrote: "Bad Bots is a side scrolling platform shooter set aboard... | PC

Review: Bad Bots | oprainfall

694d ago - oprainfall writes: "Bad Bots is a retro side-scrolling shooter for the PC and Mac (and mobile dev... | PC

Bad Bots - VideoGamer Portugal Review

699d ago - In recent years we have witnessed a small revolution in the world of videogames, associated with... | PC

Bad Bots Review | Hardcore Gamer

699d ago - Bad Bots is a great idea for a game brought down by a lack of variety or legitimate innovative ch... | PC

TGS-Bad Bots Review

703d ago - Bad Bots is a game that features many different styles, mostly focusing on a retro side-scrolling... | PC

Bad Bots, Bad Bots. Whatcha Gonna Do? (Bad Bots Review) [Gamer Living]

704d ago - Gamer Living's Rachel McBurney takes a look at indiePub's latest retro-platform shooter. | PC

Geek Citadel Mini-Reviews – Dragon’s Lair, Ballpoint Universe, and Bad Bots

704d ago - Three new reviews for Bad Bots, Dragon's Lair, and Ballpoint Universe. We're also giving away a c... | PC

Gi - Bad Bots (PC) Review

705d ago - Gi - Bad Bots is an indie shooter-platformer for the PC via Steam. Indie creator, Vanni Del Moral... | PC

Bad Bots Review | Gather Your Party

705d ago - Bad Bots, by Point 5 Projects, is a sidescrolling shooter recently released on Steam. In Bad Bots... | PC

Ironclad Gaming: Bad Bots Review

706d ago - During the Galactic wars, Earth was defended by a formidable force led by a space naval ship name... | PC

Bad Bots hopes that in space, no one can hear that you forgot the music | GameZone review

706d ago - GameZone writes, "Bad Bots is simply an incredibly short game that has a lot of potential but nev... | PC

Bad Bots Review - GamesReviews

710d ago - From GamesReviews: "Another day, another indie side-scrolling shooter. They seem to be a dime a... | PC

indiePub trifecta of deals

712d ago - Storm, Bad Bots and Auditorium available for reduced prices for a limited time | PC

TechExclusive: Bad Bots Review

715d ago - TechExclusive: "Hearkening back to the days of 2D side-scrolling shoot-‘em-ups, “Bad Bots” for PC... | PC

Battle bad ‘bots in Bad Bots, available now on Steam

716d ago - Killer ‘bots are on a collision course with Earth and only you can stop them! Sharpen your axe, g... | PC

ZTGD | Bad Bots (PC) Review

721d ago - Jae Lee writes: There was a point in time where phones, tablets and other mobile devices became p... | PC

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Bad Bots Preview | Greenlit Gaming

778d ago - Are you ready to fight for your life; for the very existence of the human race? Everyone will be... | PC
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