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Nintendo Life: Babel Rising Review

1028d ago - Nintendo Life: God games are usually about protecting people, not condemning them. Babel Rising,... | Wii

Babel Rising Review - New England Gamer

1187d ago - Brett writes - "When you think what you’d like your games to be based off, especially your Kinect... | Xbox 360

Babel Rising 3D Free -- 1 million vengeful Gods on Google Play

1195d ago - Game studio Advanced Mobile Applications and publisher Ubisoft announced today that their free-to... | Xbox 360

AusGamer: Babel Rising Review

1223d ago - AusGamer: Three quarters of an hour into my first game in Babel Rising’s ‘Survival’ mode on the f... | Xbox 360

Co-Optimus: Babel Rising Co-op Review

1223d ago - Co-Optimus: Babel Risings co-op mode is a splitscreen control pad only survival mode. You and a f... | Xbox 360

Babel Rising - Sky is the Limit Launch Trailer

1232d ago - The Humans are defying you once more! Embody a vengeful god and get it over with the waves of her... | Xbox 360

CGM Reviews: Babel Rising

1234d ago - Ubisoft really wants you to be God. Gamers first got a taste of wielding absolute power over tiny... | Xbox 360

Babel Rising Review | gamrReview

1239d ago - gamrReview: "I know, I know, it does look interesting, and it is a great concept, but that is all... | Xbox 360

Blast Magazine: Babel Rising Review — Frustrations of biblical proportions

1241d ago - Blast Magazine: While tower defense typically involves strategically placing traps and turrets, a... | PC

Babel Rising - BNBGAMING Review

1246d ago - Indie god game Babel Rising comes to consoles, but is it more Beelzebub than Bethlehem? Sit down,... | Xbox 360

Gamer Euphoria: Babel Rising Review

1248d ago - Gamer Euphoria staff member James writes: ''Are you a GOD? Unless you’re Ray Stantz, the answe... | Xbox 360

Babel Rising Review | CheatCC

1255d ago - Ubisoft's new game, Babel Rising, attempts to answer the age-old theological question: "How can G... | Xbox 360

Babel Rising 3D Review - Midlife Gamer

1256d ago - DigitalPariah says: "Babel Rising from White Birds and BulkyPix, was a successful tower defence g... | Xbox 360

ZTGD | Babel Rising Review

1256d ago - Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be God and smite puny humans? If you have, then B... | Xbox 360

Babel Rising Review (

1256d ago - You'd think playing as a god would be fun. So why isn't it?! | Xbox 360

Review: Babel Rising – Your Move Holy Man (XBLA) | DigitalNoob

1256d ago - DigitalNoob's Laura Mazerall reviews Babel Rising on the Xbox Live Arcade. | Xbox 360

Babel Rising Review (Invision Game Community)

1256d ago - Babel Rising is an arcade game loosely based on the story of the Tower of Babel; it is developed... | Xbox 360

Babel Rising Review (PS3) -

1257d ago - Babel Rising’s original roots are with the android community, being known as one of the most “wel... | PC

Babel Rising Official Launch Trailer

1258d ago - Babel Rising lets you play as a God and use your powers to prevent mankind from building the towe... | Xbox 360

Tech-Gaming Pocdast 10-8: Booth Babes, Swag Hags, and the Insufferable Bores

1258d ago - Beyond offering a unique analysis of the merits and misdirections of the 2012 Electronic Entertai... | Nintendo DS

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Babel Rising Review | Tech-Gaming

1259d ago - Although the console iteration of Babel Rising is exponentially more expensive than its iPhone-ba... | Xbox 360

STN: Babel Rising review

1260d ago - STN: Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done an... | Xbox 360

Babel Rising Review - The Digital Fix

1260d ago - You are God. You look down from on high at pleasingly simplistic, colourful Old Testament towns i... | Xbox 360

Babel Rising - Review | G4MERS

1260d ago - G4MERS writes: Each of us knows the biblical Tower of Babel, which stood on land of Babylon. The... | Xbox 360

Entertainment Focus - Review: Babel Rising

1260d ago - Overall Babel Rising is a good game but it is let down by the restrictive and repetitive gameplay... | Xbox 360
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Babel Rising

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