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Babel Rising: Cataclysm mumbled something about the App Store

1251d ago - Publisher Bulkypix and studio Mando Productions announced today that the sequel to the popular Go... | iPhone

Babel Rising Review - New England Gamer

1263d ago - Brett writes - "When you think what you’d like your games to be based off, especially your Kinect... | Xbox 360

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Babel Rising 3D Free -- 1 million vengeful Gods on Google Play

1271d ago - Game studio Advanced Mobile Applications and publisher Ubisoft announced today that their free-to... | Xbox 360

Babel Rising Review |

1279d ago - Babel Rising puts you in the sandals of a GOD, with the task of SMITING the FOOLISH workers who a... | PC

Blast Magazine: Babel Rising Review — Frustrations of biblical proportions

1316d ago - Blast Magazine: While tower defense typically involves strategically placing traps and turrets, a... | PC

Babel Rising Review (PS3) -

1333d ago - Babel Rising’s original roots are with the android community, being known as one of the most “wel... | PC

Babel Rising Review - The Digital Fix

1336d ago - You are God. You look down from on high at pleasingly simplistic, colourful Old Testament towns i... | Xbox 360

Babel Rising review - MSXB

1336d ago - Babel Rising hits the Xbox Live Arcade and PSN with its God like powers, as you strike out at the... | Xbox 360

In-depth Review: Babel Rising - Electronic Theatre

1337d ago - Having started life as a popular iOS title, converting Babel Rising to a motion-controlled consol... | Xbox 360

Babel Rising release dates announced

1356d ago - Ubisoft have announced the release dates across various platforms for their upcoming god game Bab... | PC

AT: Babel Rising Review

1486d ago - AT: Babel Rising is an compulsively addictive and incredibly challenging ‘God’-game for Android.... | Android

Android Rundown: Babel Rising Review

1495d ago - Android Rundown: Would you imagine that it’s possible to make a game about a God smiting humans a... | Android

Babel Rising Brings Co-op to God Games

1552d ago - Babel Rising is one of those clever iPhone games in which you get to be mean to digital people wi... | Xbox 360
80° : Ubisoft Announce Their Digital Line up

1563d ago - writes "After enjoying huge (and well deserved) success with “From Dust” and Beyond... | PS3

Massively Popular iPhone Game - Babel Rising: Gets An HD Remastered Sequel hitting Consoles

1564d ago - Babel Raising, the tower defensive game that allows you to play God as you destroy mankind, preve... | Xbox 360

Babel Rising - ZTGD Review

1988d ago - Cat writes, "As a freshly minted deity, it's easy to fall in love with Babel Rising. How can I no... | iPhone

Babel Rising for iPhone free to download today

2014d ago - For those who like getting games that normally have to be purchased for free (and who doesn't lik... | iPhone

Neocrisis: Babel Rising Gets Free Update

2016d ago - Neocrisis: The update 1.3 for Babel Rising is now available for free on the AppStore. It provides... | iPhone Babel Rising Review

2018d ago - From If you're looking for a fast-paced and short arcade style game it fits the... | iPhone
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