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Six Days in Fallujah 'definitely not cancelled'

1186d ago - Atomic Games has said that Six Days in Fallujah is "definitely not cancelled" and that the contro... | PC

Games just “fancy toys” to some publishers – Six Days In Fallujah dev

1614d ago - The man behind controversial game Six Days in Fallujah has hit out at the treatment of what was “... | PC

HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at You will regret it... | Promoted post

DasReviews Breach PC Review

1756d ago - As a fan of the indie community, I really admire the ideas and the work of most of the indie team... | PC

GameplayToday: Breach (XBLA) Review

1760d ago - GameplayToday reviews the Xbox Live Arcade's most recent release: Breach. | Xbox 360

Breach Multiplayer Guide [GameFront]

1764d ago - Atomic Games has recently been cutting its teeth designing simulations for the American armed for... | PC

Game Kudos | Breach Review

1765d ago - Does Breach fulfill its claim to change the face of military first person shooters? | PC

Go! Gaming Giant: Breach Review

1765d ago - From the review: "Now, this sounds like just another gaming advertisement buzzword like “blast... | PC

Game Review | Breach || The Bowlingotter Blog

1765d ago - If there was ever an over-saturated genre in current-gen video gaming, it would be the war first-... | PC

Xbox LIVE Arcade Update: Breach

1765d ago - El33tonline writes: "This week’s addition to the Xbox LIVE Arcade section of Xbox LIVE Marketp... | Xbox 360

FTG Review: Breach

1766d ago - Breach, a covert Black Ops-ish multiplayer game for Xbox Live Arcade, PSN, and Steam. Is it worth... | PC

WolfsGamingBlog: Players Guide to Breach (Xbox 360)

1766d ago - WolfsGamingBlog writes a starters guide for new players of Breach, a tactical FPS game from Atomic. | PC

Breach Review (Gamergeddon)

1766d ago - Gamergeddon writes "The success of Battlefield 1943 proved there was enough interest for good dow... | PC

Gamer Limit Review: Breach

1766d ago - Breach, the downloadable title from Atomic Studios (makers of the controversial Six Days in Fallu... | PC

Court Bans Accused PAX Code Thief From Xbox Live, Takes His PC

1856d ago - Accused Penny Arcade Expo code thief Justin D. May was placed on a pre-trial probation this week... | Xbox 360

Interview with Creators of Breach, a Full-Physics Military Style FPS

1935d ago - Last week caught up with the President of Atomic Games, Peter Tamte, to talk ab... | PC

IncGamers TV: Breach E3 Interview

1981d ago - Atomic Games' president, Peter Tamte, talks exclusively to IncGamers about Breach, Six Days in Fa... | Nintendo DS

Accused PAX East 'Breach' thief shows up for court

2017d ago - Justin May, the 20-year-old man accused of trying to steal Atomic Games' Breach off the PAX East... | Culture
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