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This Week in Gaming History: Pong takes the ball

18h ago - The anniversary of the announcement of Pong is coming up. Go back to the very start with us. | Arcade

Meet the new Atari

8d ago - Though Atari was one of the founding fathers of the games industry, for many it will always be sy... | Industry

This Week in Gaming History: Asteroids blasts into arcades

16d ago - The biggest Atari hit of all time is turning 36 years old. | Arcade

Retro Review: Klax is the best of the Tetris tidal wave

22d ago - A look back on Atari's response to Tetris - Klax | Retro

Atari Champions Diversity with Pride Fest

26d ago - CGM Writes: Atari has had a long and storied history in the games industry. The name is synonymou... | Mobile

This Week in Gaming History: Activision breaks free

56d ago - The first ever third-party publisher was founded this week in 1979 | Industry

Tales From The Vault - American Football Part One

57d ago - Picked Last Gamers presents a new documentary: Tales From The Vault. In this series, we explore t... | Arcade

Retro Rewind: 1982 - A Year in Stagnation

80d ago - After a hiatus, 4P Games' Justin continues his journey through gaming history. In this entry, he... | Arcade

Throwback Thursday: 720º vs Skate or Die!

104d ago - A new retrospective article goes back nearly 30 years to check out two of the earliest skating ga... | Culture

ICONS: Howard Scott Warshaw's other movie game

106d ago - Howard Scott Warshaw found success with a Steven Spielberg movie game before E.T. | Culture

The Great Atari Ransack

120d ago - Jim Sterling: Atari isn’t exactly the most respected name in the industry these days, but a... | Industry

Top 50 Underappreciated Atari ST Games

142d ago - Den of Geek looks back at the Atari ST games that deserve more love than they got first time arou... | Culture

Fast Cars, Witchers & Death Gods: We Interview Alexis Madinier of DSK GIC

142d ago - ASidCast: "Hello Internet, yes all of you, but specifically all our Indian readers. Recently we i... | Industry

Atari Celebrates LGBT Pride Month; Announces Support for NYC Pride

167d ago - J Station X: Atari announces support for LGBT pride month and NYC Pride. The company will be show... | iPhone

Tengen: Atari Games vs. Nintendo

176d ago - In the late 80's, Atari Games created a subsidiary, Tengen, and became a Nintendo licensee. At th... | Culture

Atari: "By god, we're going to do this right"

196d ago - One of the industry's pioneering companies is back in business, but can it deliver on its own bro... | Industry

ICONS: Jeff Peters has left his mark on multiple aspects of gaming culture - Part 1

201d ago - Part 1 of a look at eSports, gaming publication and game development pioneer Jeff Peters | Culture

This Week in Gaming History: What was learned from the Atari 5200

203d ago - It was video gaming's first attempt at a large scale next gen, yet lasted less than two years. T... | Culture

Alone in The Dark: Illumination — The Engineer Character Preview | GotGame

210d ago - In this character preview, GotGame presents an inside look at The Engineer from Atari's upcoming... | PC

Alone In The Dark: Illumination Character Preview — The Demon

230d ago - Learn about The Demon in Atari's upcoming action-horror game, Alone in The Dark: Illumination. | PC

See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

QorC Pub News #4 - Nintendo NX, PS Mobile & TxK'd off

249d ago - The Quit or Continue regulars discuss what’s NX for Nintendo and why Jeff Minter is all TxK’d off... | PS4

Forget Atari VS Jeff Minter, we want to remeber Atari playing Breakout on Google Images

251d ago - We've talked a lot about Atari and Jeff Minter since yesterday, but we want to wash awa... | Culture

The 5 Worst Controllers Within The Evolution Of Gaming

262d ago - From EGMR, "Console hardware has come a long way over the past few decades and controllers have f... | Culture

Atari pioneer Steve Bristow has died

274d ago - Steve Bristow, a video game pioneer who worked for Atari in its early days and is credited with c... | Culture

Paperboy Anarchy Arrives On Android

278d ago - Newspaper Boy Saga takes its style from Atari’s 1985 arcade classic Paperboy, where players were... | Android
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