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Hunting for an E.T. Castoff in a Most Terrestrial Place

488d ago - The New York Times: You are the world’s greatest video game maker, but suddenly you find yourself... | Culture

E.T Atari game burial ground to be excavated

508d ago - A Canadian film production company have free reign of what they claim to be the burial site of At... | Culture

Fire Everything Ep. 70: The Last of this Generation

508d ago - Join the Fire Everything crew as we discuss atari selling away all of its assets, not that any of... | PC

The tangled web of Master of Magic

515d ago - Atari has announced that it will be auctioning off its assets to recoup losses, which will includ... | PC

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Atari to sell RollerCoaster Tycoon, Test Drive franchises at auction

516d ago - GS:Bankrupt publisher hoping to bring in at least $22 million from upcoming asset auctions. | Industry

Google easter egg lets you play Breakout with pictures of Breakout

526d ago - Well, we can once again thank Google for ruining our productivity. This time, the famous search e... | Culture

Atari: The Rise and Fall of a Pioneer

532d ago - You see them walking down the street, wearing thick rimmed black glasses and an ironic T-shirt wi... | Culture

The Times They Are A'Changin' - An Interview with Nolan Bushnell

538d ago - ++Good Games talks candidly with one of the gaming industry’s founding fathers — Nolan Bushnell.... | PS4

World's Largest Game of Pong Took Place On a Building (Video Here)

548d ago - BNR: It's tech week in Philadelphia right now, and many great things are happening around the cit... | Arcade

Gamer builds 15 consoles in one, all playable with single gamepad

553d ago - "After three years and over 3,500 man-hours, modder extraordinaire Bacteria has finall... | Tech

OzBoxLive Radio #083

573d ago - Join Australian Microsoft Xbox MVP’s Mark & David for there GEARS OF WAR special episode of OzBox... | Xbox 360

The Father of Video Games

592d ago - Meet the guy who started it all. | Industry

Swedish gamer aiming for classic 'Missile Command' world record

608d ago - Q*bert isn't the only arcade classic with multi-day record attempts taking place. Sweden's Victor... | Culture

Special Forces: Team X Official Livestream [Recorded Episode Embedded]

619d ago - The guys are going to do some stylized cover-based shooting in Special Forces: Team X, a unique t... | PC

Just Press Start Episode 115: I’d Buy That for a Dollar

632d ago - Lucas of Just Press Start writes: "This week we are without Dave as he is in the middle of mov... | PC

This Week in Gaming (Snarky Edition) – Tearful Gaming Goodbyes, Same Ol’ Violent Video Game Trashing

634d ago - A mixed week in video gaming news, as some longtime pieces of the video game world said goodbye a... | Culture

Too Much Credit

635d ago - When reviewing a game it's always best practice finish it. During its heyday Atari had the odd po... | Culture

What Does Atari's Bankruptcy Mean for the Industry?

636d ago - Gamers and journalists were semi-shocked when the grandfather of gaming, Atari, filed for bankrup... | Industry

Atari U.S. operation files for bankruptcy

638d ago - The U.S. operations of iconic but long-troubled video game maker Atari have filed for bankruptcy... | Industry

The Console War...The Console War Never Changes

661d ago - Indeed, this was a golden age of unparalleled creativity and open-mindedness due to the uncharted... | Retro

PS4 Game Release Dates

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RD Podcast Episode 17: XMAS Special with Bajo.

663d ago - Retro Domination writes: Yes, Its Christmas time! And Bajo from ABC’s “Good Game” Is here to help... | GameCube

The all-time 100 best video games according to TIME

672d ago - Video games are creeping its way into various sectors of human interest; be it as a favourite hob... | Culture

This Week in Gaming History - Crappy Holidays Special Edition

685d ago - Some of the worst games in history came out throughout the first week of December. Take a look f... | Arcade

New history of Atari commemorates the 40th anniversary of Pong

691d ago - Industry vets Martin Goldberg and Curt Vendel have penned a comprehensive history of the retro ga... | Culture

'90s Gaming Flashback Video

695d ago - Take a trip down memory lane. This fantastic video showcases some exceptional titles from what is... | Arcade