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User Review : Assassin's Creed

  • Free run is cool{Good graphics{Good animation
  • Worst AI i've played against{Huge amounts of pop i

Way Overhyped

I was really excited about this game. Then i read some reviews, and i wasnt that happy, but i decided to still check it out. If you havent yet, dont. This game is basically a game with great potential, but the way that it ended up, it needed a delay. What are some things that you delay a game for? AI, frame rate, pop in, and glitches. Assassins creed has a bevy of those. The AI is the worst i have played yet on my ps3. lets say there are 20 people watching a guy give a speech. i proceed to walk up behind him and kill him. the spectators walk away. Then some guards come running up yelling "who did this!" and i just walk away. i guess all the spectators forgot. The frame rate is consistently bad. Just free running around, it will continuously stutter. Entire cliffs will appear in front of your eyes, and im sure that you have seen videos of some glitches. if you really want to play this game, rent it and see how long you can go.

Free run is cool, but the chases are not fun or intense, and the fighting is subpar.
I would give it better graphics score, except for the frame rate and pop in. The graphics are actually very good. Not as good as uncharted, but still good.
It sounds like they used 2 voice actors: One for altair, and one for EVERYONE ELSE. Everyones voice sounds exactly the same.
Fun Factor
The fun factor of climbing all over the place and just running around is ruined whenever you try to do a mission.
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