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Xbox One backward compatibility: every major game tested

20d ago | Article | Digital Foundry: Since our first tests in July, it's clear that Xbox One backward compatibility has come a long way. Many of the issues we noted in our original tests have been cleared up - with i...

A look at the Funko Dorbz: Assassin's Creed Action Figures

24d ago | Image | Images of the upcoming Funko Dorbz: Assassin's Creed Action Figures, featuring Arno, Edward, Elis...

Traversal Level Design Principles

30d ago | Article | In 2010 I started at Crystal Dynamics to work on the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot. Within my first two weeks, I was entered into a “Thunderdome” exerci...

Three of the Most Innovative Assassin’s Creed Titles So Far

30d ago | Opinion piece | Assassin's Creed has given us so many games but very few tried to offer something new. These are Bidness Gaming's favorites that broke the mold.
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