Armored Core 5 Previews  

All You Need to Know About Armored Core: Verdict Day

413d ago - The Armored Core series is arguably the most recognisable mecha action game, and Namco have relea... | Xbox 360

PlayDevil: Armored Core V Preview - Namco Bandai Preview Day

914d ago - Is Armored Core V worth getting excited over? Here is a snippet: "All of the technical aspe... | Xbox 360

VE3TRO: Armored Core V Preview

917d ago - @Ve3tro: "Namco Bandai’s long standing Armored Core has survived for so long due to the level of... | Xbox 360

PixlBit's Armored Core V Preview

918d ago - "If you dream of controlling fully customized, walking machines of death around a battlefield, yo... | Xbox 360

Top Xbox One Exclusives to Look Forward To

Now - What are you excited for? Here are the ones we're really getting revved up for. | Promoted post

{Play Vault} Preview: You Want Hardcore? You Want Armored Core V.

920d ago - Play Vault's Jonathan: "The Armored Core franchise was the daddy of all mech games and a much... | Xbox 360

Climbing Mt Entry Barrier: a newb tackles Armored Core V

920d ago - Mech-virgin Stace Harman gets to grips with Armored Core V and ponders whether there’s more to th... | Xbox 360

Push-Start Preview: Armoured Core V

923d ago - Like it’s predecessors, much of Armored Core V revolves around stomping through cities in a huge... | Xbox 360

Namco Bandai Preview

923d ago - Alaric has a gander at the upcoming releases from NAMCO BANDAI including Ridge Racer: Unbounded,... | PC

Namco Bandai Preview - Ridge Racer Unbounded and Armored Core 5 (Pixels or Death)

923d ago - Pixels or Death recently attended a Namco Bandai preview event where they got the chance to get s... | PC

Kuma Kreations Ent Preview Armored Core V Developers Walkthrough

925d ago - Quan Wrote: Greetings gamers and welcome back; this is Kuma and I am pleased to share with you th... | Xbox 360

Armored Core V Preview - TGH

927d ago - "If massive mechanical robots and fictional wars are your thing, then Namco Bandai and From Softw... | Xbox 360

Armored Core V preview - The X Button

928d ago - The X Button writes: "Played as it should be - slowly, steadily, and thoughtfully - Armored Core... | Xbox 360

A Close-Up on ARMORED CORE V Customization and Bosses

928d ago - PSBlog: Hello again, friends. Last time we hit you here on the blog with sneak peek at some Armo... | Xbox 360

Addict of Fiction: Armored Core 5 will dominate the online world

929d ago - Addict of Fiction take a look at a new player for online, and how well it stands against veterans... | Xbox 360

Addict of Fiction: Hands on 5 games Namco Press day

929d ago - Addict of Fiction get a hands on play with: Inversion Saint Seiya Ridge Racer Armoured Core 5... | Xbox 360

Preview: Armored Core V [eGamer]

949d ago - "Armored Core V is a mech game at its mechiest. Large robots, plenty of firepower and slick and a... | Xbox 360

[GND Features] Monthly Qore Drop (MQD) Episode 46 featuring Starhawk

955d ago - GND says;"With episode 45 of Qore dropping only two days ago, makes you wonder what is in store f... | PS3

Armored Core V Quick Play HD - GigaBoots

975d ago - Armored Core V marks the hugest departure from standard Armored Core design in the entire series.... | Xbox 360

Armored Core V Preview | GameDynamo

977d ago - GameDynamo - "While gameplay appears to be very similar to the previous games in the series (to s... | Xbox 360

[GND Features] Monthly Qore Drop Episode 45 Featuring Street Fighter X Tekken

978d ago - Qore is a subscription-based interactive online magazine for the PlayStation Network and replaced... | PS3

PS4 Game Release Dates

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Armored Core V Preview |

987d ago - Armored Core V is an upcoming 3D mecha-based video game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It is... | Xbox 360

Armored Core V Preview | CheatCC

987d ago - Armored Core V promises players not only a brand-new campaign with huge, violent mechs, but also... | Xbox 360

PS3Home: Armored Core 5 Preview

1000d ago - PS3Home: "The proof is going to be in the punching – the giant robot punching – on this one, so u... | PC

StrategyInformer - Armored Core V Preview

1116d ago - StrategyInformer - My love of mechs, whether they be in games, anime or whatever else, can be tra... | Xbox 360

Total Playstation: Armored Core V Preview

1324d ago - First, it's a completely new game from the ground up, developed to be always-online no matter wha... | PS3
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Armored Core 5

Average Score 6.8 Reviews(73)
Release Dates
PS3 Release Dates
JP January 2012
EU 23 March 2012
US 20 March 2012
AU 22 March 2012
Xbox 360 Release Dates
JP January 2012
US 20 March 2012
EU 23 March 2012
AU 22 March 2012