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Top 10 Mech Based Video Games

178d ago - Sometimes, regular old firepower just isn’t enough, and you have to dip into that high-powered fu... | Culture

Armored Core V Servers To Shut Down On March 20th

704d ago - The Armored Core V server is going to be shut down later this month worldwide, From Software and... | Xbox 360

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40° Armored Core V Review

830d ago - Daniel Dunham writes "I’ve been a huge fan of From Software’s Armored Core franchise since way ba... | Xbox 360

Armored Core 5 Verdict Day Review (Invision Game Community)

854d ago - Armored Core 5 Verdict Day is an action – mech game where you take the role of a lone mercenary w... | Xbox 360

EU PlayStation Store update: GTA V, Pro Evo 2014 out this week

879d ago - Jawad Ashraf – PS Store Team- Grand Theft Auto V, a game that doesn’t need any real introduct... | PS3

All You Need to Know About Armored Core: Verdict Day

923d ago - The Armored Core series is arguably the most recognisable mecha action game, and Namco have relea... | Xbox 360

Otakultura: An Armored Core V Review

1264d ago - Grabbing a copy of Armored Core V for the PS3, we check out what makes this game worthy of the ac... | PS3

Original Gamer: Armored Core V Review

1320d ago - Original Gamer: Giant robots. Everyone loves them. From the anime-inspired Gundams to the more re... | Xbox 360

Armored Core V Review - Gaming Nexus

1343d ago - From the review: "Armored Core V is a good looking mech game with tons of action, a robust online... | Xbox 360

Armored Core V Review | Trendy Gamers

1367d ago - Armored Core V is the fourteenth entry into From Software and Namco Bandai’s mech battling game s... | Xbox 360

Level Up Times Review: Armored Core V (PS3/X360)

1383d ago - Level Up Times' Debs tries piloting some heavy metal in Namco Bandai's mech title, Armored Core V. | Xbox 360

Dusty Cartridge: Armored Core V Review

1384d ago - After taking a four year hiatus from the Armored Core series (and helplessly punishing players in... | Xbox 360

Armored Core V Review | GamerNode

1385d ago - In this review, GamerNode reviewer Brad Tramel asks the question "Are new design philosophies mor... | Xbox 360

Armored Core V Online Bosses Finally Here

1387d ago - "Disheartened players of Armored Core V had some good news waiting for them when they logged into... | Xbox 360

Video Review - Armored Core V [Default Prime]

1390d ago - The Bowlingotter Show reviews the PS3 version of Armored Core V from developer From Software!... | PS3

PlayDevil: Armored Core V Review

1392d ago - Is Armored Core V all the mech action you could need? Here is a snippet: "If I am being hon... | Xbox 360

Midnight Resistance > Getting Rad in Armored Core V

1396d ago - Sean Bell writes about how two crazy things made his time with Armored Core V a candidate for the... | Xbox 360

CGM Reviews: Armored Core V

1396d ago - It should come as no surprise to anyone that Armored Core V, by From Software, is not an easy gam... | Xbox 360

Armored Core V Review - The Digital Fix

1397d ago - From Software achieved impressive critical success with the follow-up to their sadistic death-sim... | Xbox 360

Most Disappointing Games Of 2012... So Far

1398d ago - GamingUnion: "Somehow, we're at this point already. Compiling a 'Most Disappointing' list so earl... | PC

List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

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Armored Core V → Review → GamingTrend

1399d ago - GamingTrend: Man, Armored Core. I’ve been on and off with this series since the original – bac... | Xbox 360

Come Heavy, Bring Friends: Armored Core V Review []

1399d ago - W75's Dominic Marzolino gets his heavy metal fix in with Namco Bandai's latest mech on mech action. | Xbox 360
110° Video Games Deal of the Day - The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition - Pre-Order

1399d ago - has released their Video Game Deal of the Day for April 16th. Today at you can... | PC

Console Monster: Armored Core V Review

1401d ago - Console Monster: In a future where the arid lands have been ravaged by war, The Resistance must r... | Xbox 360

AWESOME/10 - Armored Core V Review

1401d ago - This is starting to look like an interesting year for fans of mech games. Hawken and Mechwarrior... | Xbox 360
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