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Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Review (Denkiphile)

26d ago - Davis from Denkiphile: "When I initially heard about Persona 4 Arena, I had already imagined how... | Arcade

Indie Game Magazine - Wrack Review - Fast-Paced Shoot-em-up Fun

51d ago - IGM takes a look at Wrack, the new release by Final Boss Entertainment, in a glowing review. | Arcade

Bloodstroke Review | Hardcore Droid

92d ago - Legendary director John Woo is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. In addition to being an acclaimed d... | Arcade

Classic Arcade Gaming Reviews: Let's Play Arcade #2 - Megaman: The Power Battle

107d ago - In this week's episode, Shawn and Rob review Megaman: The Power Battle. Capcom released this game... | Arcade

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Ultra Street Fighter IV Review: Fists Are Flying At This Location I Play Legit

107d ago - "KJ can’t shake the feeling that Capcom is still missing a spot. It’s not the character roster, n... | Arcade

Classic Arcade Gaming Reviews: Let's Play Arcade #1 - Street Smart

108d ago - In the first episode of Let's Play Arcade, we review Street Smart by SNK. Street Smart is a co-op... | Arcade

Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon Review | Hardcore Droid

117d ago - Hardcore Droid contributor Sam Riedel straps in with the Guardians of the Galaxy mobile game from... | Arcade

Sonic Jump Fever Review

118d ago - Remember 1992, the peak of the Sega/Nintendo console war? Sega had just crawled out the pit of ob... | Arcade

Game Review Radio: Review: Luftrausers

138d ago - Luftrausers is your classic arcade game: you are a plane that flies around shooting other planes... | Arcade

Child of Light Review | A Pixelated View

181d ago - I’ve always been one for a good fairy-tale. Be it Brother’s Grimm or a lovingly crafted story by... | Arcade

Fly Catbug Fly! Review | Hardcore Droid

199d ago - Hardcore Droid contributor Sam Riedel reviews Flay Catbug Fly!, the new game from Frederator Stud... | Arcade

CCG Review: Pinball FX 2 Table: Plants vs Zombies

259d ago - Zen Studios has released it's latest Pinball FX 2 table modeled after the famous Pop Cap game Pla... | Arcade

Have Game, Will Play: Pac-Man Museum l Gameenthus

261d ago - Gameenthus: Pac-man Museum is collection of some well known and, if I can be a bit transparent, o... | Arcade

Quick Take: Gradius (1986)

290d ago - A short review of Gradius on the Wii U eShop. | Arcade

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate | Martial Arts Video Games

295d ago - Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is an expansion that brings balance, fine-tuning and new art to the orig... | Arcade

3D Streets of Rage Review I Play Legit

331d ago - KJ of Play Legit Writes "Since everything pops, you can see exactly where your character, and ene... | Arcade

Soul Calibur II HD Online First Impressions Review -

364d ago - A day-1 review of Soul Calibur II's HD remake, available now on XBLA and PSN, from the perspectiv... | Arcade
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