Dev of the Day : New World Interactive
  Better, Faster, Stronger Shooter

By Valenka Insurgency was originally an idea that came to the mind of Andrew Spearin twelve years ago, when he decided to create a modern, infan...

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Ultra Street Fighter IV Hands On Preview: Do It For Decapre | StickTwiddlers

55d ago - Earlier this month, StickTwiddlers sent two of local fight night Rushdown Edinburgh’s top notch f... | Arcade

Amazon Fire TV Gizmodo's Hands On: The Fastest Smart TV You've Ever Met

112d ago - Leslie Horn: Amazon pitched its Fire TV as a streaming device to end all streaming devices. The c... | Arcade

Indie Awareness: Savant - Ascent

219d ago - I’ve had my eye on Savant – Ascent ever since D-Pad studio announced it this summer. Savant struc... | Arcade

Stepping Up To The Plate With Junpei In Persona 4 Arena | Siliconera

336d ago - Siliconera: "Recently, I got a look at both the of the new characters in the new Persona 4 Arena—... | Arcade

Sniper Elite III (PS4) Review

Now - Ken holds his breath and takes the shot with the latest Sniper Elite title. | Promoted post

New Persona 4 Arena Seems Closer In Tone To Persona 3 | Siliconera

338d ago - Siliconera: ''I waited two hours to play one match of the new Persona 4 Arena sequel during this... | Arcade

An afternoon with Guilty Gear Xrd: Sign | Gematsu

346d ago - Gematsu: "This weekend, I spent my Friday afternoon at a location test for Guilty Gear Xrd: Sign... | Arcade

'Muse' is an organic Minecraft for musically-minded

358d ago - MUSE will take you on a journey of sonic exploration, collaboration, and adventure. And it might... | Arcade
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