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Mortal Kombat: The History, The Brutality, and The Future

22d ago - Gaming Rebellion's own, Stephen Wilds, takes us on a journey through the history of one of the mo... | PS2

Internet Archive MS-DOS games playable through Twitter

22d ago - MS-DOS games that are can be played on the Internet Archive can now be embedded into Twitter posts. | Arcade

See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

Tekken 7 Keys Stolen in Car Break-in, Game Could Skip Upcoming Events in the US

23d ago - Madcatz has been bringing Tekken 7 to various events across the US, and yesterday the Community &... | Arcade

Pokken Tournament clips: official trailer, Gengar trailer, and battle gameplay,

24d ago - Bandai Namco trailer has released a trio of new trailers for its upcoming Pokemon fighting game,... | Arcade

Are Konami's Days as a Game Developer Almost Over?

24d ago - Konami loses its greatest developer and delists from the New York Stock Exchange as part of restr... | Arcade

The Greatest Game Never Made: A Console War MOBA

25d ago - A conceptual idea for what could be an incredible game, but will never come to be. | GameCube

Survival Horror, A Blood Splattered History: Part 1

25d ago - PressA2Join take a look at the history of Survival Horror from it's birth back in the early 80's... | Arcade

Gengar Spooks His Way Into Pokkén Tournament

26d ago - During the NicoNico Chokaigi 2015 event, Nintendo and Bandai Namco announced Gengar as the newest... | Arcade

Tekken 7 - New Character Gigas Officially Revealed, Available in Arcades on April 28th

26d ago - Avoidingthepuddle: Just announced on the CAPCOM TV Chokaigi niconico stream, Tekken 7's newest c... | Arcade

Pokkén Tournament Livestream Will Debut New Gameplay, Stages and Possibly New Fighters

26d ago - Tonight, a new location test livestream for Pokkén Tournament debuting will show off plenty of ne... | Arcade

Details from Pokkén Tournament Stream Show New Characters and More

26d ago - Hardcore Gamer: Tonight, North American fans were lucky enough to get a live look at the upcoming... | Arcade

Make It A (Virtual) Reality: Star Wars VR

27d ago - VRFocus takes another look at a possible virtual reality (VR) version of a galaxy far, far away.... | Arcade

9 Tips to succeed in Mortal Kombat X

28d ago - Mortal Kombat X for iOS is still fresh out of the oven and although Android users had to wait a b... | Arcade

Play Blackpool Arcade, Indie & Retro expo tickets still available

28d ago - Dealspwn: Gaming fans should get themselves up north for the excellent Play Blackpool event runni... | GameCube

Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel hits Japanese arcades on April 30

29d ago - Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel will launch in Japanese arcades next Thursday, April 3... | Arcade

Star Wars Battle Pod Arcade Game Interview

29d ago - The creator of the new Bandai Namco Star Wars Pod arcade game explains how new technology transpo... | Arcade

A look at 16 Hoth levels in Star Wars video games [SideQuesting]

29d ago - With the hype around Battlefront, we take a look at 16 Star Wars Hoth levels across video game hi... | GameCube

Dissidia Developer Interview (Part 3): Square Enix’s Destiny – A 10-Year Project

29d ago - In the final segment of the AUTOMATON Dissidia interview translation, the powers-that-be discuss... | Arcade

Noctis Will Come To Dissidia Final Fantasy After Final Fantasy XV

30d ago - “We’re thinking about it, of course” says director Takeo Kujiraoka. | Arcade

Official Steam Release of the Arcade Game Fermi's Path

30d ago - GameArt Studio, the developer from Berlin, Germany announced the release of their latest game “Fe... | Arcade

N4G Radio

Now - N4G Radio | Promoted post

SSGSS Goku and Gold Frieza are Heading to Dragon Ball: Zenkai Battle Royale

30d ago - A new arcade game called Dragon Ball: Zenkai Battle Royale is hitting Japanese arcades, and one c... | Arcade

Namco Ups Their Arsenal For Time Crisis 5

30d ago - With the North American debut of Time Crisis 5 just a few weeks away, we take an up close look at... | Arcade

Dissidia Developer Interview (Part 2): The word on pink-haired Clouds and locked Brave attacks

30d ago - We continue our translation of the recent Dissidia arcade interview, and focus on the really impo... | Arcade

Dissidia Details Surface: Square Enix Kills Emo Cloud; PS4 Version a Long Way Off

31d ago - Breaking apart from the longform translation we currently have going, Shehzaan Abdulla makes an i... | Arcade

Dissidia Developer Interview (Part 1): “We must have re-created Cloud’s face almost a hundred times”

31d ago - Recently, the team behind the upcoming Dissidia Arcade Game have given interviews to Japanese gam... | Arcade
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