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New Pokken Tournament Details And Mock Roster

2h ago - Check out some new details about Pokken Tournament gathered from Tweets by lead Game Developer Ka... | Arcade

Top 10 Video Games About Cats

6h ago - The top 10 games about cats is a purrfect list (no regrets) for gamers with cats. | Xbox

Nintendo Might Have Accidentally Leaked Pokken Characters...

16h ago - illgrillchill writes: "On Tuesday, the Pokémon Company officially revealed Pokken Tournament, a... | Arcade

What else could Pokemon do with their Namco Bandai Partnership?

19h ago - Dave-Lee Thunderbastard for Fully 'Avin It writes: The Pokemon Company has just announced that, i... | Arcade

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition (PS4) Review

Now - Drew takes on the prince of darkness for the 1,347th time. | Promoted post

Why There's Never Been a Good Jurassic Park Game

23h ago - IGN - I never felt like I was missing anything, and I still don't. And I think, perhaps a bit sno... | Arcade

Relax, Pokken Tournament Will Come to Wii U

2d ago - Christopher Buffa (Prima Games): The Pokemon Company shocked millions of fans this morning with t... | Arcade

The fighting games that time forgot

3d ago - Fighting games have been something of a niche since the turn of the millennium, but in recent yea... | PS2

Kick in the Teeth of Bad Guys in Vigilante on Turbo Grafx-16

9d ago - Carl Williams writes, "The Turbo Grafx-16 launched with two arcade titles, Vigilante and R-Type.... | Arcade

Arcade Sports Games - Where has the ‘fun’ gone?

9d ago - My look at the lack of recent arcade sports games that reach the mark that the classics did, as w... | GameCube

Misplaced Melodies #2: Dreamcast Stuff

9d ago - So for this edition of Misplace Melodies 8BitChimp wanted to look at one of Brian's favorite cons... | GameCube

Sega Flashback: Altered Beast

10d ago - "During the time Sonic and Mario fought for your living room space, another iconic classic graced... | Arcade

Art of Fighting 3: The Path of the Warrior Retro Review I Play Legit

10d ago - "This title had the best animation seen in any fighting game. There are 2-D fighters today on PS3... | PS2

What Should Tekken 7’s Middle Eastern Character Look and Play Like

12d ago - CCC Says: "A couple days ago Katsuhiro Harada mentioned that he would be introducing a brand new... | Arcade

Gaming Education: Action 101

16d ago - GameCrate: "Back when arcades and the NES were at their peak, beat ‘em ups and hack-and-slash gam... | Arcade

Gamebusters Myth 29: Pac-Man Safety Zone

20d ago - Charles continues the Gamebusters series by examining the rumored Pac-Man Safety Zone. Is this my... | Arcade

Own a piece of 8 bit-era art in the form of these recycled NES cartridges

22d ago - Sometimes you just can't help but to pine for the "good ol' days" of video games. You know, back... | GameCube

Ms. Pac-Man (Arcade): Does It Hold Up?

23d ago - GameZone: "Even after playing the superb Pac-Man Championship Edition DX (which I consider to be... | Arcade

Tekken 7 Has Made the Mishima Saga Interesting Again

27d ago - Hardcore Gamer: We've met the men, the extended family, and even the adopted members of the famil... | Arcade

The Glory Days Of The Arcade

27d ago - The best place a gamer would be during the 90’s had to be the arcade. Victor recalls the happy ti... | Arcade

Four things young gamers take for granted

29d ago - My nephew has a Nintendo Wii that his parents bought him when he was three. He had no idea how t... | Arcade

Risen 3: Titan Lords (PC) Review

Now - Drew returns to the land of Risen to hack and slash some more. | Promoted post

Arcades: Past, Present and Future

35d ago - Gaming has developed dramatically over the past few decades. During the “Golden Age of Arcade Gam... | Arcade

Types of Games

38d ago - Gamingworm says: There are alot of types of games but do you know about them check it out. | PS2

Mr. Painter Review by Forthepixels

39d ago - "Some months ago I had read in N4G that the App Mr. Painter was going to become one of the most o... | Arcade

Behind The Scenes Of Roche Fusion: Making New Space Ships

40d ago - For people who like to see the process behind a game. In 'behind the scenes of Roche Fusion' our... | Arcade

Growing up with Video Games: A Personal History

42d ago - Frugal Gaming's James Holland reminisces about arcades, home computers with rubbery keys and musi... | GameCube
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