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Tekken: The Strange History of the Mishima Family

2d ago - As Tekken 7 brings a close to the lengthy rivalry between Heihachi Mishima and his family, Den of... | PS2

This Week in Gaming History: Karts, Ness and Burgers

4d ago - Earthbound, Super Mario Kart and BurgerTime all celebrate birthdays this week. Take a look back... | Arcade

PC Games Still To Come This Month

Now - We're halfway through the hottest month of the year, but there's plenty more PC games still to come, so don't go outside just yet! Let's take a loo... | Promoted post

Top 10 Worst Fighting Games

7d ago - You’re promised brutality and hard action, but all you’re getting is a quiet scuffle. Here are th... | Arcade

Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Versus Full Boost Guide - Part Two

8d ago - Grant Patterson is back with the second installment of his beginner's guide to what may just be t... | Arcade

30 Years of Yu Suzuki’s Hang-On

10d ago - David Tierney writes: "One clear cut age line on the wrinkly face of the arcade motorbike game Ha... | Arcade

Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Versus Full Boost Guide - Part One

11d ago - Grant Patterson is going to give you a comprehensive how-to-play in what may be the most fun game... | Arcade

Alien Storm Retrospective Review

20d ago - Looking back on it, it’s hard to believe just how many side-scrolling brawlers the Mega Drive had... | Arcade

Battletoads: The Strange History of a Nigh-Impossible Franchise

24d ago - Before Rare rewinds with Rare Replay, here's a history lesson in the nigh-impossible, amphibious... | Arcade

Arcades Get Tiny With TinyCircuits

34d ago - Itching to get your arcade gaming on, but don’t have the space for a dedicated cabinet? TinyCircu... | Arcade

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Video Game Spinoffs - Part 2.

37d ago - As long as there have been great franchises, there have been spinoffs, and here are more of the g... | GameCube

Editor Roundtable: Licensed games that did justice to the source material

38d ago - The G4@Syfygames editors discuss which licensed games got it right. | Arcade

Evo 2015 Stream Schedule

42d ago - Get hype! Starting this Friday, it's wall-to-wall fighting games. Need to know which stream to wa... | Arcade

Evo 2015: A Guide to the 9 Games of Evo

42d ago - The Evolution Championship Series will have nine fighting games on tap, including some that might... | GameCube

6 ultra-rare coin-op games to look out for at California Extreme arcade expo

44d ago - Did you know that Shenmue’s Yu Suzuki made a game that’s a shrine to an Italian sports car brand?... | Arcade

One Night in the Insane Video Game Arcades of Akihabara

46d ago - Vice: There are few things more desperately sad than the demise of the Great British Video Game... | Arcade

DealsRadar: Wolfenstein: The New Order, gaming desk and more

50d ago - GamesRader Staff writes "Hello and welcome to GamesRadar's DealsRadar, where we round up the best... | Arcade

The Strange History of Terminator Games

54d ago - In honor of Terminator Genisys, Den of Geek takes a look back at the best and worst Terminator ga... | GameCube

Top 10 LGBT Characters in Video Games

56d ago - Moviepilot: Yeah, it's pretty obvious where the inspiration for this came from. The media in gene... | PS2

Top Ten Mistakes in Mortal Kombat History

59d ago - Mortal Kombat has given us a ton of great moments since it hit the arcades over 20 years ago, and... | GameCube

Top 10 Namco Museum Hidden Gems

77d ago - Special moments from Namco's library. When it comes to the arcade, Namco was always ahead of the... | Arcade

Do You Suffer From Open World Fatigue?

Now - The open-world format has become prevalent, is it too much? | Promoted post

Square Enix’s School of Ragnarok Looks Like Dissidia With Customization

79d ago - Earlier this year, Square Enix announced that they’re making a new arcade game called School of R... | Arcade

Jurassic Gaming: The Strange History of Jurassic Park Games

80d ago - Den of Geek takes a look at the best and worst Jurassic Park games ever made! | PS2

Why Pokken Might Be The Secret Weapon At E3

86d ago - NWR: A confluence of factors could see the Pokémon fighter get a massive push in Los Angeles... | Arcade

10 Film Scenes from the 80s Versus Their Tie-in Video Games

88d ago - What did Ripley's fight with the alien queen look like in the arcades? Or Arnie's confrontation w... | Arcade

Justin Wong Bringing Fighting Games Into The Big Leagues

90d ago - Justin Wong has travelled the world playing fighting games. It’s made him one of the most well kn... | Arcade
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