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February Contest Winners!

53d ago ... Congratulations, everyone! The $50 COMMENTS - FOUR WINNERS, a $50 Amazon gift card each: WizzroSupreme oasdada cl1983 TheUpbringer BEST USER BLOG: 4 winners, a $100 Amazon Gift Card each! Abizzel1, Nintendoom Series: coolbeans, Tired of this Schmitt Episode VII: The Non-Argument Reawakens [Parts 1+2]:

The NintenTube Fiasco ~ A Slap In The Face or a Fair Step to the Future?

77d ago ... Unless you've been living under a rock these past few weeks, then you more than likely have already heard that Nintendo has introduced a brand new YouTube program that allows YouTubers to register single videos or their entire channel with Nintendo, whereby they can upload videos that feature (approved) Nintendo content and receive a percentage of the generated ad-revenue. From since its inc...

January Contest Winners

81d ago ... Congratulations, everyone! The $50 COMMENTS - FOUR WINNERS!: Each comment you made on N4G during January on any story, blog, user review, forums - ANYTHING = 1 entry. Each of the 4 Winners will get a $50 Amazon gift card! DarkOcelet nowitzki2004 MiyamotoSon XanderZane BEST USER BLOG: 
4 winners, a $100 Amazon Gift Card each! Longcat - "You Patreon Me and I Patronize You?"...

Epic Developer Battles Of History

90d ago ... Pardon the lame title, I just really couldn't come up with anything better to be honest. I'm sure many of you have heard of Epic Rap Battles of History. It's a youtube channel that takes suggestions of two figures, used to be historical figures, fictional or real and has those figures engage in a rap battle. Created by Nice Peter and Epic Lloyd, they've become such characters as Hitler vs. D...

New Nintendo Console Incoming? You Don't Say!

106d ago ... Recently, a lot of news has been pouring in about Nintendo, and for what seems like the first time in a (really) long time, it's all positive. The 3DS is undeniably any gamer's Master Sword of a system, and the Wii U has finally become "the little console that CAN!" - as its fortunes have almost completely shifted direction for the better. Case in point, both of Nintendo's systems and their com...

Top 10 free to play MMORPG in 2015

109d ago ... 2015 starts and what are the best MMORPGs this year in terms of 2014? There are a lot of free-to-play MMORPGs out there but sometimes, it can be hard to find a few that are worth your time. This list is a number of titles for gamers to check out and play throughout 2015, with a good variety for different tastes.These games can be enjoyed without spending a penny while there is still an option t...

The GamerGate Harassment Stories the Media DOESN'T Want You to Know About.

115d ago ... You know, it’s hard to believe that a movement is not about misogyny and hatred and pushing females out of the industry when all you get to hear out of the media that has been implicated in the GamerGate saga is the cherry picked stories that they use to vilify an entire group. How many times have we had Brianna Wu, or Zoe Quinn, or Anita Sarkeesian, their issues they’ve had with trolls and...

Brendan's Blog: Salty Esports

129d ago ... We all saw the Twitter feud between Leffen and Chillindude that started with the discussion of who should be considered "Smash Gods". We also saw Westballz and Hax go at it too. All this salt and BM (bad manners) are a major part of eSports, but what does it do to the reputation of the community? In my opinion, I love seeing BM in eSports because it brings in drama and drama brings in viewer...

FF7 style JRPGs for PlayStation 4 probably incoming from Square Enix

137d ago ... Final Fantasy 7 for Playstation 4 announced at 2014 Playstion Experience, probably a good indicator that Square Enix is making/going to release/planned JRPGs that looks, plays similar to Final Fantasy 7. Final Fantasy 7 for Playstation 4 is just the game that sets the journey. "So, as for the AAA titles we’re currently developing for series, we basically want to go back to their roots and...

Are Games Spreading the Idea of Violence?

141d ago ... Yesterday I have been reading a news from The Guardian, which was about the sale of the recently released video game Grand Auto Theft banned in Australia due to violence against women. I wouldn't discuss violence against women specifically because once it's violence it against all kind of people. The article wasn't too long but it raised a quite large controversial debate topic: is the idea vio...

N4G November Contest Winners!

143d ago ... Congratulations November winners! Our December contests are here: The $50 COMMENTS - FOUR WINNERS!: Each of the 4 Winners will get a $50 Amazon gift card! Jimboms Meatyboy DLCConspiracy sigfredod BEST USER BLOG: 
4 winners, a $100 Amazon Gift Card each! -Foxtrot: Are Multiplayer Features Ruining Games?

An Open Letter to Gaming Media

216d ago ... I have been on the sidelines observing the recent stories that involve everything from Anita Sarkeesian to Zoe Quinn to Phil Fish to Polygon to Kotaku to indie studios' attacks to corruption and finally to gaming media lashing out at gamers. I have recently commented that enough is enough and I'm not going to stand for it anymore. Everything that I have mentioned is going to get their fair shar...

August Contest Winners!

233d ago ... Congratulations to our august August winners! (I'm hilarious. Laugh now.) The $100 COMMENT LOTTERY: 4 Winners will get a $100 Amazon gift card! AKR Conzul n4gamingm Vegamyster BEST USER BLOG: 
4 winners, a $50 Amazon Gift Card each! ABizzel1 - The 3 Platform Series -

Under the Knife: Public Relations Failure and Fan Outrage

249d ago ... Despite the overwhelming press that Rise of the Tomb Raider got last week, the aftershock is still being felt. It has now been confirmed that Rise of the Tomb Raider will be a timed exclusive for the Xbox brand and not a complete exclusive that was being touted in the first twenty-four hours of this news. A lot of people have calmed down from this revelation, but there is still residual resentm...

Was Destiny Downgraded without anyone noticing?

259d ago ... First off: I can't wait to get Destiny, everything about it has me eager to get my hands on the full release. Part of that is what brought me to this realization. I've been soaking up every tidbit of information on it ever since the Beta ended because I had a lot of fun. I loved the exploration, I love to grind for levels, I love to grind for gear and I'm very interested in the story, the cha...

At a Glance: Tom Francis & Heat Signature

269d ago ... [b]Tom Francis[/b] designed Gunpoint, a game about reiring things and punching people, and another called Floating point about swinging around on a rope (it’s free!). He’s currently working on Heat Signature which is about sneaking aboard randomly generated spaceships. [b]Heat Signature[/b] is a space stealth game that has the player sneaking aboard randomly genera...

OctoParty: Dadliest Spy

278d ago ... Who's that man in the 3-piece suit? A Spy! Or maybe just someone's Dad. Short Lived Heroes combined 2 of their favorite indie games to bring you this nonsense! What more do you want from them??? It's indie games meets indie actors?!? You can check out their YouTube channel here: Day 2...

At a Glance: Miegakure

285d ago ... [b]Marc ten Bosch[/b] is an independent game developer based in San Francisco. He’s wildly smart and more than a little fascinated by the intersection of math, games, and visiting the fourth dimension through code. [b]Miegakure[/b] is a platform game where you explore the fourth dimension to solve puzzles. Our world is three-dimensional: width, depth, and height....

June Contest Winners!

294d ago ... Hey, guys! I hope you're enjoying Indie Month so far and have a Happy 4th of July, America! Here are our June winners: The $400 COMMENT LOTTERY: Winner gets a $400 Amazon gift card! CONGRATULATIONS, NewMonday! BEST USER BLOG: 4 winners, a $50 Amazon Gift Card each! HonestDragon - Dedicatedtogamers -

International Exclusionary Sports Federation: The Hearthstone Incident

296d ago ... Hell has officially frozen over. I am going to write a blog post that could be seen as defending a position akin to the feminist one, though only just barely. So for those of you that don't know, there is an organization known as the International e-Sports Federation dedicated to video game tournaments designed to promote competitive gaming as a legitimate sport. For 6 years now it has held...
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