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1h ago | Review | The Wii U’s eShop is in a bit of a rut due to lack of content — does Wooden Sen’SeY do enough to stand apart from other great platformers?

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2h ago | Review | "One of the best games of the last generation is improved in it's final edition."

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15h ago | Review | In 2013, I called The Last of Us on PlayStation 3 a masterpiece. The same holds true of its PlayStation 4 "Remastered" sibling. You can’t go wrong with either version, but with Remastered you’ll ge...

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5h ago | Review | Thought The Last Of Us was good? Wait 'til you see it remastered for the PlayStation 4

The Last of Us: Remastered Review |

7h ago | Review | "After playing what we believed was clearly the best game of 2013 on PlayStation 3, we wa...

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Gods Will Be Watching is Beautiful, But Flawed. - Cliqist

2h ago | Review | Nathaniel Liles writes: "Pretty damning review,...

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8h ago | Review | Dragon's Teeth is a more than passable themed expansion pack, but it's a shame that it doesn...

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22h ago | Review | Console Monster writes: "The Steering Wheel Stand is GT Omega's entry-level wheel stand, however...

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23h ago | Review | Mikhail Madnani: "Rogue Legacy is full of surprises. When you’re not attempting to kill a difficult boss, you’ll find yourself trying to solve a pl...

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Boom Beach Review: Hardcore Droid

22h ago | Review | Here comes the boom. Put Army Men, James Bond, and tabletop strategy into a juicer and Boom...
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