Dev of the Day : Size Five Games
  Gun Monkeys: Killing for Cubes for Humanity

From Lou If you were ever familiar with Size FIve Games when they were Zombie Cow Studios, you would know that they make games, BAFTA-award winn...


Abyss Odyssey feels like a rogue-style Castlevania (Examiner)

10h ago - Are you a fan of dark toned, side-scrolling games filled with demons and elegant, 3D rendered cav... | PC

The Last of Us Remastered Review - A Very Pretty Apocalypse | The Escapist

10h ago - The Last of Us Remastered is a gorgeous looking improvement to an already delightful game, and wh... | PS4

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Review - The Digital Fix

11h ago - If you’re interested in buying Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark, there’s a good chance that y... | PC

Game Idealist's Nyko Power Pack: Dual Shock 4 external battery for PS4 review

11h ago - The Nyko Power Pack is said to add more battery life to the Dual Shock 4 controller of the PlaySt... | PS4

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Divinity Original Sin Review | 3rd-strike

12h ago - AnneMieke from 3rd-strike writes: "Divinity: Original Sin is a RPG with retro elements that of... | PC

Wooden Sen'SeY Review | MONG

12h ago - The Wii U’s eShop is in a bit of a rut due to lack of content — does Wooden Sen’SeY do enough to... | PC

Neverwinter Sword Coast Adventures Review | MMO-Play

13h ago - Never Winter Sword Coast Adventures mini-game is a dice-based game that allows players to use the... | PC

Battleplan: American Civil War Review | 3rd-strike

13h ago - Elexus from 3rd-strike writes: "Although there’s not much content available after completing t... | PC

The Last of Us Remastered Review - VideoGamer Portugal

13h ago - "One of the best games of the last generation is improved in it's final edition." | PS4

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty Review | Codec Moments

13h ago - Matt at Codec Moments writes: "For the last couple of years the people at Just Add Water have bee... | PC

Gods Will Be Watching is Beautiful, But Flawed. - Cliqist

13h ago - Nathaniel Liles writes: "Pretty damning review, right? I bet you're going to explode when I tell... | PC

State of Decay Review I Good and Bad, No Middle Ground - The Game Fanatics

14h ago - William Harmon writes: I picked up State of Decay on the Steam Summer Sale this year, and it was... | PC

The Last Of Us Remastered Review – Definitive Edition | Metro

14h ago - Metro - "Whenever reviewing a remake, particularly one of a fairly recent title, we’re always war... | PS4

[Continue Play] Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty Review

14h ago - Continue Play's Wes Copeland looks at Just Add Water's remake of PS1 classic Abe's Oddysee and fi... | PC

The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 4 - Amid the Ruins Review | IncGamers

14h ago - Telltale's penultimate episode in The Walking Dead Season Two finds Clementine and her ever-chang... | PC

Gods Will Be Watching Review: Nihil’s Hymn | RGZCA

15h ago - As Ray sits there and enters the same commands over and over again, he feels a certain autonomy t... | PC

Shovel Knight Video Review - The Ranting Robots

15h ago - Shovel Knight review by The Ranting Robots. | PC

Dark Souls II and Crown of the Sunken King - Xbox 360 Review | Chalgyr's Game Room

15h ago - Chalgyr's Game Room writes: The darkness has been punishing, almost oppressive. Multiple tunne... | Xbox 360

The Last Of Us Remastered Review | DailyStar

17h ago - Thought The Last Of Us was good? Wait 'til you see it remastered for the PlayStation 4 | PS4

Momodora III Review - Not Great, Not Terrible (Twinfinite)

17h ago - Mike G from Twinfinite writes: Platformers are a strange bird. Some are relatively simple run-... | PC

ORIGIN PC - High Performance Gaming PCS

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The Last of Us: Remastered Review |

18h ago - "After playing what we believed was clearly the best game of 2013 on PlayStation 3, we wa... | PS4

Sniper Elite 3: SteamFirst Review

18h ago - SteamFirst: Sniper Elite 3 is a third person shooter with an emphasis on stealth and sniping. You... | PC

The Walking Dead: Amid the Ruins – Review | Brilliantly Epic

18h ago - The Walking Dead: Season Two - Episode 4: Amid the Ruins is one of the best episodes of the franc... | PC

Review: MouseCraft | Power Up Gaming

19h ago - Chris Needham writes: "MouseCraft is the latest effort from Curve Studios that sets players one s... | PS4

Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth Review - Chet & Jon

19h ago - Dragon's Teeth is a more than passable themed expansion pack, but it's a shame that it doesn't wo... | PC
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