Titan Souls is a Giant Pixel-y Epic Boss Rush | Hardcore Gamer

1h ago - Titan Souls is a game that, on the surface, looks to be a series of epic boss encounters but is a... | PC

Inkle’s Sorcery! Series is Truly Epic | Preview

1h ago - British mobile developer Inkle took the world by storm last year with 80 Days. An interactive tak... | iPhone

Make the World / Break the World

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play. Give us your vote on Steam Greenlight! | Promoted post

Boid - SteamFirst Early Release Impressions

2h ago - SteamFirst: With two newly acquired spawn points and a crab base at my disposal, the building of... | PC

Knowing is More Than Half the Battle in Rainbow Six Siege | Gamespot

2h ago - Gamespot: "As I comb through raw gameplay footage of Rainbow Six Siege, I keep remembering the t... | PC

Hands-on Preview PAX East 2015: Catlateral Damage | Entertainment Buddha

6h ago - For Entertainment Buddha: Cats are little furry creatures that either love you or hate you – ther... | PC

In the Grim Darkness of Focus Interactive’s Future, There is Only Warhammer | Hardcore Gamer

6h ago - Seems like everywhere you look these days you see another Warhammer game. From MOBAs to Left 4 De... | PC

Evolve DLC Impressions: A Rock Monster and a Hard Place | Shacknews

8h ago - Evolve's DLC unleashes four new hunters and the Behemoth monster onto the planet Shear. Shacknews... | PC

Hands-on Preview PAX East 2015: Game 4 | Entertainment Buddha

10h ago - For Entertainment Buddha: "The Behemoth puts out wacky challenging games like Castle Crashers and... | PC

Rainbow Six Siege Hands-On Impressions - IGN

10h ago - IGN:"Ryan and Destin got to play the Rainbow Six Siege closed alpha. Here's what we liked...and w... | PC

Rainbow Six Siege - one of the most tense tactical shooters you'll ever play | GamesRadar

13h ago - GR: "We love a good team deathmatch here at GamesRadar+. But let’s face facts; unless you’re par... | PC

The Rift Arcade - Air Accident Experience for Oculus Rift is badly timed, but incredibly detailed

16h ago - This game couldn’t have come at a worse time. Released on Oculus Share just days after the Ger... | PC

Glitch Games' Forever Lost Episode 3 Scheduled For This Spring - Preview

16h ago - Appunwrapper writes: "The third and final episode of Forever Lost has been in production for quit... | iPhone

A Journey's End - Preview (Steam Greenlight)

16h ago - A new project has appeared on Steam Greenlight with a promise of a unique, fully voiced JRPG. Che... | PC

Fossil Fighters: Warden’s Journal: Entry 2 Preview | NWR

16h ago - NWR: After reading through some of the tutorials, I now have a firmer grasp on vivosaur battles.... | 3DS

VE3TRO: Evolve Expansion DLC Preview

17h ago - @ve3tro: "The first downloadable content for Evolve is nearly here and it’s a meaty one with four... | PC

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae – Some Ups And Some Downs | Siliconera

20h ago - Siliconera: "At first glance, I thought the open field that Episode Duscae takes place in was awe... | PS4

Raging Justice | AUTOMATON First Impression

21h ago - AUTOMATON writes: "Fed up with the glut of JRPGs, FPS, and Metroidvania titles, AUTOMATON's Shehz... | PC

Dungeons of Aledorn - Preview | Sirus Gaming PH

1d 7h ago - Putting them all together, Dungeons of Aledorn is really great and is worth your time. For now, t... | PC

Bonus Round: SNOW Preview | Continue Play

1d 8h ago - "SNOW is currently in closed beta, and for the small asking price, there’s no better time to take... | PC

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D live stream recording

1d 20h ago - NE: "Earlier today, a special Xenoblade Chronicles 3D live stream was held with Monolith Soft’s T... | 3DS

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Now - Get the latest release dates for games, movies and TV Series from our Twitter page. | Promoted post

Omega Quintet Is Horrible [Hands-On Preview] - GR

1d 21h ago - "Where do I f***ing begin with Omega Quintet? My purchase decision seems as good a place as an... | PC

[ABG] Super Mario Bros. In First Person - Experience A Classic From A New Perspective

1d 23h ago - Super Mario Bros. In First Person is (as you may expect) the original Super Mario Bros. game recr... | PC

Episode Duscae holds promise for Final Fantasy XV, but there's room to improve | Windows Central

1d 23h ago - Windows Central offers their impressions and feedback on Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae. | PS4

Dead Space Isolation – Solarix Preview | GIZORAMA

2d ago - Johnny Ohm, GIZORAMA - "A key ingredient when looking to instill the proper amount of horror in s... | PC

BagoGames |Final Fantasy XV's Demo Finds The Fantastic In The Mundane

2d ago - BagoGames By its end, Episode Duscae feels very much like the small step it is. Its story cloc... | Xbox One
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