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Video Game Preview: Street Fighter V Might Just Fight The Moonlight

4h ago - Paul from Geek Node writes: "We’re well into the current console generation but there is somethin... | PC

Quantum Break is secretly a sweet Max Payne game | GamesRadar

8h ago - GR: For some reason I can’t quite fathom, this is the dark secret at the heart of the one-time X... | PC

Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

New Hitman embraces all that has ever made the series great - VG247

8h ago - VG247: Slow, silent, and kind of gloomy. Being Agent 47 doesn’t immediately suggest fun to anyone. | Hitman

Hitman hands-on preview and interview – ‘we call it the stealth action sandbox’ - Metro GameCentral

8h ago - GameCentral gets to play the prologue and first level of the new Hitman, and speak to developer I... | PC

Pro Pinball Ultra - PC Preview | Chalgyr's Game Room

8h ago - Chalgyr's Game Room writes: I have a great affection for pinball in general, and I am one of t... | PC

Killing Time in Quantum Break | Gamespot

8h ago - Quantum Break seeks to marry the interactivity of games with the passive storytelling of TV shows... | Xbox One

Quantum Break Is a Shooter With Brains | IGN

9h ago - Time manipulation, satisfying combat, and superpowers mix to make a refreshingly different action... | PC

Quantum Break Hands-On | Gamereactor

9h ago - GR visited Remedy ahead of the release of their most ambitious project to date. | PC

Carrying on the legacy of Planescape: Torment with Tides of Numenera

11h ago - Pixel Dynamo takes a look at the current state of inXile Entertainment's Torment: Tides of Numene... | PC

IS Defense preview - the creators of Hatred go for war with the Islamic State | Gamepressure

12h ago - The creators of Hatred are currently working on a new big project, but in the meantime they play... | PC

The new Hitman looks like the Blood Money follow-up you've been waiting for - Eurogamer

12h ago - EG: Well, this is more like it. We're at a heaving fashion show, where the marbled halls of a gr... | Hitman

The new Hitman is a confident return to classic form | Gamesradar

13h ago - GR: "Here’s how a classic Hitman level used to play out first time: you poke around, looking f... | PC

Livelock PAX Preview | CoinOpTV

13h ago - Livelock showed at PAX SOuth and will release in 2016 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. | PC

Hitman PS4 Hands-On Beta Preview: Getting Back to 47's Roots - IGN

13h ago - IGN: The episodic Hitman reboot is heading into beta soon, and we've played the sandbox-y first... | Hitman

Hitman: New Gameplay & Hands-on Video Preview - VideoGamer

13h ago - VG: Hitman 2016: Agent 47 is coming back to snap necks and take clothes. | Hitman

Full Frontal Fatherhood in "Dad By The Sword" – GameSpew

13h ago - Dads with swords fighting hot-dogs and men in shorts. Yes, you read that right. | PC

Trying to break the largest level in Hitman history | PCgamer

22h ago - PCgamer: "You’ve probably seen footage of glitzy catwalk models, upper crust crowds rubbing sh... | PC

[NSFW] LewdGamer Preview Custom Maid 3D 2

23h ago - Custom Maid 3D 2, developed by KISS, is a management game, a dress up game, and a sex simulator a... | PC

Hitman PS4 hands-on: Could be an episodic Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain - Examiner

23h ago - The wait will have been well over two years, but at last, fans will finally have our next helping... | PC

PS4 Exclusive Valkyria: Azure Revolution Preview - A Revolution, and a Promising One | DualShockers

1d ago - The first demo of Valkyria: Azure Revolution has been revealed, and you probably already saw the... | PS4

List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your PS4? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post

Hands-on: I like the new Hitman, and its episodic model | Destructoid

1d 4h ago - DTOID: "Have you ever wondered just how Cueball McFurrowed-Brow became the famously good killi... | PC

Transformers: Earth Wars - Space Ape's bot boshing bonanza I Pocket Gamer

1d 7h ago - Optimus Prime looks as good today as he did back in 1984 when Hasbro whipped the cloak off its ne... | Transformers: Earth Wars

How Hitman's New AI Outsmarted Me | Gamespot

1d 8h ago - Gamespot: "I didn't realize I had made a mistake until the cops were on top of me. I had le... | PC

Hitman Intro Pack - WorthPlaying Hands-On Preview

1d 8h ago - WorthPlaying writes, "Hitman: Absolution was a commercial success for Square Enix and Io-Interact... | PC

Hitman 2016 is Blood Money's true successor | VideoGamer

1d 8h ago - VideoGamer: "IOI has combined Blood Money's sandboxes with the best of Absolution to create a sup... | PC
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